Short film from Internaional Festival Fest Anča


Fest Anča – international animation festival 

In culture centre Žilina Stanica-Zariecie and in culture town Žilina will be during
1. – 3. 8. 2008 internationla animation festival Fest Anča.

V presvedčení, že animovaný film nie je určený len deťom a infantilným jedincom, predstaví svetovú animáciu, súčasné trendy, ale aj overenú klasiku. Širokej verejnosti sú určené večerné open-air projekcie so živou hudbou, performance, párty, ale aj workshopy animácie.

3. augusta o 18.00 bude na radnici v Žiline udelených 5 cien. Priamy prenos záverečného ceremoniálu i živé vstupy z priebehu festivalu bude možné vidieť na

Feature film: The Lost World (1925, USA, 100 min.)

This cult movie is the first adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyl’s famous fiction novel and it will be presented within the Feature section of the festival, which you can enjoy open air. At the time of creation it was a project of monsterous proportions and not everybody knows that even Daniel Siakeľ took a share in the animation of the dinosaurs (Siakel brothers were pioneers in slovak cinematography (Jánošík)). The screening will be accompanied with a live music played by Pjoni and Slávo Krekovič. A definitely „must“ see event!

Open Air Cinema / Saturday / 2. 8. 2008 / 21:00

Retrospective: Max Andersson (SWE)

If you like a crazy comics you can´t miss Max Andersson (among other things he is a creator of comic PIXY, well known in Slovakia). His 5 short films made during the eighties will be shown within his retrospective. Max Anderson is going to be one of a member of the jury.

Big hall / Friday/ 1. 8. 2008 / 18:30


Feature film: Blood Tea and Red String
(2006, USA, 71 min.)

The American feature puppet film, which got several awards at international festivals will be a main evening program at the Friday openning. This movie is a fairy tale for an adults, but it does not mean that the children are forbbiden. The director Christiane Cegavska was creating the movie for 13years.

Open Air Cinema / Friday / 1. 8. 2008 / 21:30

Performance: Leah Gold aka Vagina Jones

Visual artist, Composer, Musician, Stop-motion Animator, Internet radio DJ, VJ, Indy/DIY/Experimental short film maker, Leah Gold aka "Vagina Jones" performs a live soundtrack to her new video creations. She will show her films while performing her music with a Glockenspiel, Accordion, Shakers, Children's musical instruments, backing track and Voice. Catch her rare live performance!

Open Air Cinema / piatok / 1. 8. 2008 / 21:00

European schools: KASK (Be) RITS (Be) MOME (Hu) FAMU (Cz) VŠMU (Sk)

In the section European schools will be in sequences presented students´ films from Belgian schools KASK (Gent) and RITS (Brussels), school from our neighborhood Hungaria MOME (Budapest) and also form Czech Republic FAMU (Praha). Audience will have an opportunity for collation of schools. From among institutions mentioned above fall within Slovakian school VŠMU (Bratislava). This school is file into the other section.

KASK: Small hall / Friday/ 1. 8. 2008 / 15:00
RITS: Big hall / Sunday / 3. 8. 2008 / 13:30
MOME: Big hall / Sunday / 3. 8. 2008 / 12:00
FAMU: Small hall / Sunday / 3. 8. 2008 / 12:30
VŠMU 2000+: Small hall / Friday / 1. 8. 2008 / 16:30

Retrospective: Ondrej Rudavský (SK)

A film collection by the best known Slovak cartoon-film maker contains 8 films which were made after year 2000. Rudavsky was awarded a prize MTV, Aurela and he had done several vidoclips for world-famous musicians e.g. Moby, Los Lobos, Dead Can Dance.

Big hall / Saturday / 2. 8. 2008 / 15:00

Music videos: Wegart, Various artists

The section Music videos include animated videoclips by well or less known interpreters. You are welcome to to see the clips of couple of famouse musicians as Kid Koala, Coldcut, Bonobo, Franz Ferdinand, Mr. Scruff, Jagga Jazzist and the others.

Wegart: Small hall / Friday / 1. 8. 2008 / 18:00
Various Artists: Small hall / Sunday / 3. 8. 2008 / 15:30

Concert: Nové mapy

Nové mapy from Slovakia perform both electronic and acoustic as well, calm atmosphere inweaved by abstract lyrics, feelings evoking sudden turns are being replaced by clear and simple moments. Eastern-European roots are not neglected, avoiding being folk on the other hand. Is there a digital experience? Of course, go through!
Nové mapy play electronics (Igor Iliaš – synths, sampling), acoustic – guitar, keyboard, bass guitar (Martin Hasák) and brilliant vocal (Dana Mazalová).

Open Air Cinema / saturday / 2. 8. 2008 / 20:00


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10. * 13.12. 2008
Ogólnopolski Festiwal Autorskich Filmów Animowanych

OFAFA v Krakove
* Section Fest Anča Fičí
* Presentation slovak
   animation movies

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European Forum on Youth and Moving Images (REJI)

REJI (November 20th – December 6th, 2008)

On the occasion of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, KYRNEA International is organising the European Forum on Youth and Moving Images (REJI) where young European amateur filmmakers will meet and take part in workshops facilitated by professionals !