From now on, the DVDs "Animation Is Not Mŕtva / Animácia nie je Dead" can be bought anywhere in the world! All you have to do is to place an order online at GORILA.SK. The DVDs are also available at the A4 Cultural Centre, Bratislava.


Animácia nie je Dead / Animation is not Mŕtva

is the name of the new DVD on which a selection of animated films made by the young generation of Slovak directors can be found. It contains 14 animated films created in the past few years. They belong to diverse genres and more...



In international competition of animations shorter than 30 minutes decided the jury members Rutu Modan, Michal Struss, Igor Prassel about awarding three prizes of value 777, 555 and 333 EUR. Furthermore the international jury decided to give a Special mention. Statue Anča Award for 1st place, which was created by artist for festival by Dalibor Kristek, will travel to Ireland.

Anča award #1:
Old Fangs
Ireland, 2009, 11`32
Director: Adrien Merigeau

Anča award #2:

Slovakia, 2009, 7`19

Director: Veronika Obertová

Anča award #3:
Hand Soap
Japan, 2008, 16`
Director: Kei Oyama
Special jury mention:
Hot Dogy u Sama / Sam`s Hot Dogs
UK, 2009, 9`30
Director: David Lopez Retamero

Special jury mention:
Nespavanje ne ubija / No Sleep Won't Kill You
Croatia, 2010, 9`
Director: Marko Meštrovic

Internet competition TAKMER
Germany, 2010, 2`45
Director: Michael Fragstein

Festival seconds, Saturday

Festivalové sekundy FEST ANČA 2010, sobota from fest anca on Vimeo.

Festival seconds, Friday evening

Festivalové sekundy FEST ANČA 2010, piatok večer from fest anca on Vimeo.

Festival seconds, Friday noon

Festivalové sekundy FEST ANČA 2010, piatok obed from fest anca on Vimeo.


Hi Peťo,
Can you tell us what you are currently working on?
I am reconstructing an old house where I plan on living with my wife and working in my own atelier in the future. As for my creative work, I am finishing the screenplay I began to write with Alžbeta 4 years ago. I did not want to turn it into more...


A fragment of Lukáš Sigmund´s interview with Andrej Kolenčík, the programme director of the Fest Anča Festival, for the Kinečko Magazine.
What was the reason to found the festival Fest Anča?
The festival was created because in our country, there had not been any festival of its kind before. Our intention was to bring animated films more...


NEUE ANČA MODE!!!  The Retart company, unlimitedly not liable, with Anča´s vehement assistence, have made new T-shirts that perfectly fit not only Anča, but also those more...




Fest Anca 2010 from fest anca on Vimeo.


FRANK SUDOL is an independent American animator producing low budget horror animation features movies. Films for Mature Audiences; blood and gore.
Hi Frank,
Your production company Blackarro films has released  many feature films, most of them with ,,zombie" motif, what is your inspiration?
The inspiration for City of Rott came from Romero's Day of the Dead especially. Dead Fury was mostly inspired by more...


Tool Kid is Ján Šicko´s experimental project. It is based on the use of his own application designed for generating visual images in real time (live visuals).
This visual synthesizer employs many input parameters that determine the final picture, which provides a variable environment for modifications and enables improvisation. Under the name of ToolKid, the live visuals Lost for Pjoni & Ink Midget were created.


Hi Alica!
You are one of the dramaturges of the Fest Anča, can you tell us what to expect from this year´s edition? Any personal recommendation to the visitors of something they should not miss?
Similarly to the previous two editions, the visitors can expect a unique creative summer atmosphere and plenty of distinctive animated films and performances during the day, and at night, there will be various competitions and concerts. Speaking for myself, I have never experienced such an atmosphere at any other festival (but maybe my impressions are biased). More...


concert PJONI & INK MIDGET / saturday / 00:00 / OPEN AIR CINEMA

check out the new tracks of Pjoni & Ink Midget



Dear Dax,
What inspires you?
I am inspired by the act of creating, making art brings me joy.  I love painting, drawing, and animation, so ideas flow naturally from one to another, growing like a branch of a tree.  I try to pursue as many of these ideas as possible.  While at times this can be overwhelming, I have learned that the best ideas reveal themselves to me, even if it is years after their inception.  I pursue the ideas I am most passionate about at any given time. More...


Anča wants to hear your opinion and therefore we established an inovation on our webpage which is a possibility to comment the articles and sections. Just sign up on the top right side, wait for a password and you can happily start a discussion.


Hi, Ivana!
What are the plans of your production studio feel me film for this year and for the future?
Last year we finished the shooting of the film Martin Snopek´s Last Bus (Posledný autobus Martina Snopeka) and now we are finalizing the project. And then there is the new film by Iva Šebestová, About the dream and the snow (O sne a o snehu), in the stage of pre-production. And we also have to mention Asia Koźuch and her project Fongopolis. The most recent activity of ours, which we intend to carry on with, is the publishing of the magazine about animated film named Homo Felix. More...


concert DVA / saturday / 23:00 / OPEN AIR CINEMA

Festival Fest Anča will be honoured also by visit of more and more desired band DVA with their folklore of nonexistent nations, tango, cabaret, circus, popsongs and kitchen beatbox.


Hello, Veronika.
Hi! :)

Your film Viliam has been shown all over the world at the most renowned festivals. Tell us: where exactly has it been presented up to now?
Well, we presented it for example in Annecy, in Zagreb, Bologna, Stuttgart, at the Anifest Festival, the Animabasuori Festival, the Future Film Festivale, the Early Melons Festival...and I am very excited about the fact that the film has had so many opportunities to travel. More...


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