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Anča Award 2012

The jury members Frank Braun (SWI), Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová (SK) and Anna Solanas (ESP) awarded the main prize for short animated film - Anča Award to the Polish film Sleepincord (Snępowina) by Marta Pajek.

In addition to that, the jury decided to give a Special metion for short animated film to Oh Willy by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels from Belgium and Big House (Suur maja) by Kristjan Holm from Estonia.

Anča Student Award 2012

For the first time in the festival history the jury members had the pleasant duty to select also the winner of a student prize and from the ten student films that were selected for the main competition, they chose the French film De riz ou d’Armenie by team of directors: Samy Barras, Romain Blondelle, Hélène Marchal a Céline Seillé

The jury decided to give a Special mention also in this category and they chose the student film BAKA!! by Immanuel Wagner from Switzerland.


Anča Music Video Award 2012

The jury members Noro Držiak (SK), Alexandr Jančík (CZ) and Johnny Kelly (IR) decided to give Anča Music Video Award to the animated music video Mound by Allison Schulnik from the USA.



Cartoon d’Or 2011

Cartoon d’Or is a pan-European award that selects the best animated short film of the year. It rewards the best of the best, since only prize-winning films from the major European festivals can compete. In 2012 it happened for the first time the Slovak animation is among finalists, as The Last Bus won several grand prixes,  among them Trickfilm in Stuttgart. Fest Anča will screen the Cartoon d’Or 2011 nominees and winner in a special release. 


International Competition

496 films from 49 countries have entered this year's international short animated film competition. Out of these, 38 were selected to compete for the 2012 Anča Award. Apart from the main competition, this year a brand new Anča Student Award will be awarded to one of the 10 selected animated student films. 
In addition to these two categories, 33 animated music videos will attempt to win the Anča Music Video Award.

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Festival Pass

Presale festival passes for Fest Anča available now on Tixy.

Festival passes on presale 20*/22 €.
Festival passes on the spot  22*/24 €.
* (ISIC, ITIC, Euro<26)
One day festival pass 12 €.
(on site only)


Accommodation during festival

Hotel Slovakia with special offer for Fest Anča visitors:
1 Bedroom 20 EUR/person/night
Doublebedroom 15 EUR/person/night



Fest Anča 2012 TV spot

Our official spot directed by Ové Pictures with music of Nasládle sušienky and model from MIMO architekti. Watch it in full screen here.


anča asks

Interview with Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová

You are a renowned screenwriter and script editor of live action films. What is your attitude to the animated ones?
I grew up watching animated films, Chaplin movies... and the films by Zikmund and Hanzelka! When our granny didn´t know what to do with us, she took us to the cinema, where we would be entertained and she could take a nap without being bothered. To me, a short animated film is like a good anecdote: it can denote things aptly and briefly and offer the viewer a certain statement. But in addition to that, it has its original visual aspect that intensifies the viewer´s pleasure.

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Interview with Noro Držiak

You are one of the founders of the Tobogang Studio. How did it all start?
The original plan was to found a studio with my ex classmates from FAMU, Jan Bubeníček, David Súkup, Tomáš Luňák and Martin Duda, but it came out that each one of us had his own concepts and priorities, so in the end, I founded Tobogang with my brother.

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Interview with Anna Solanas

You haven´t studied animation, how come you became a director of animated films? 
My first contact with animation was from the position of a viewer. Then I met Marc Riba (my “animation partner”) at the University of Barcelona and he initiated me into the mysteries of animation. We decided that animation could be the way to materialize our scripts and the stop-motion technique allows us to work in a very similar way to live action, as we work with real sets, light projectors, camera, ...

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Interview with Frank Braun

The film Schlaf (Sleep) is just your second film. How come you began so late?
As a cinema programmer and festival maker I've been working professionally in film, and particularly in animation film, since more than 20 years. But it’s true,
I hadn't been involved in the creative process of filmmaking until Claudius Gentinetta asked me to join him for «Die Seilbahn» (Cable Car)msome years ago.
I just feel lucky that I got this opportunity. And seriously, it’s never too late.

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fest anča on tour

Fest Anča Winter Edition

24. – 25. 11. 2012
animated films
& animation workshops
Výmenník, Brigádnická


16. 11. 2012 o 20.45

Animation Karaoke Battle
for the first time in Wien

Schikaneder cinema
Margaretenstraße 24, Wien,


15. 11. 2012, 21.00

Animation Karaoke Battle
for the first time in Prague
Nova Syntéza, Veletržní palác
Dukelských hrdinů 47, Praha


21. 6. 2012 at 7 pm 

Fest Anča tasting
Screening of The Stones, Katka Kerekesová's film 

Artforum bookstore
Bottova 2, Žilina


17. 8. 2012 at 8.30 pm

Young slovak animation 
Lesné kino Nostalgia, Bratislava


15. 8. 2012 at 9 pm

Screening of best films from Fest Anča 2012
Wave klub, Prešov



6. 7. 2012 at 10 pm

Best of Fest Anča 2012 / Bažant Pohoda
Trenčín, tent


19. 5. 2012
3.00 / 6.00 / 9.00 pm

Best of Fest Anča 2011
Galleriesér and Museum Night
Nitra Gallery
Župné nám. 3, Nitra


Fest Anča on tour in Blue Note

17. 12. 2011

Animation is not Mŕtva /
Animácia nie je Dead
Club Blue Note
J. Haška 18, Nove Mesto nad Váhom


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