29.6. - 3.7.2016

Everything you wanted to know about films submitted to Fest Anča

The call for entries for the 9th Fest Anča Festival has now closed, and our pre-selection jury faces the challenge of selecting the best films of the last two years. At the festival you will see the best international films and video clips in several sections, as well as the craziest stuff registered this year. Fest Anča would like to share some insider numbers with you that we dug out from our extensive lists and charts.


We saw increased interest in submitting films to the festival once again this year – with almost one hundred more films being registered than last year!


With respect to country of origin, the films follow a very similar trend as last year. The highest number of films is again from the USA, with France just behind. Interestingly countries such as Canada, Poland and the Netherlands have shown higher interest. And every year sees one or two applications from countries you might never have expected.


If you’re guessing that the most used language of registered films is English, you’d be right. As animated films speak only through image and movement, it’s no surprise that most are dialogue-free.


It can be pretty tricky to determine the animation technique of just one film, let alone when there are over a thousand! This data may not be very accurate given the narrow scope of the application forms, but since it’s available why not have a peek…


If we projected all registered films at the festival, in most cases they would be premiering in Slovakia – and filmmakers largely register films from 2015.



When registering films, filmmakers also attach links for downloading or watching their works. Know which platforms are most popular in this area of international animation? For those involved it’s no surprise: Vimeo for video hosting and Dropbox for data sharing.


If we exclude personal domain email addresses, then Gmail by far dominates email.


Lee was the most frequent directors’ name. Maybe because of its universality – with Lees heralding from Asia as well as the U.S. and Great Britain.


What do you reckon filmmakers most often name their films after? Cynics among you may find the result too sweet and sugary, but it doesn’t indicate anything bad about the directors of registered films. In fact quite the opposite. <3

13.04. 2016