29.6. - 3.7.2016

Fest Anča Nightlife

Think that animation is only for children? Then think again, because the Fest Anča night screenings will be a real eye-opener.  You will see absurd sketches, psychedelic art, peculiar humour, as well as several bizarre horror films – which will excite, amuse and stimulate.

The icing on this year’s night screening cake is the work of Cyriak Harris. Can you imagine your YouTube uploads hitting over 20 million views like Cyriak’s videos? His work is instantly recognizable. As the author said:“I’m a fan of surreal art and comedy – there are clear parallels with Monty Python in my videos, and I also take inspiration from artists like Jan Svankmajer, M. C. Escher, H. R. Giger and of course Dalí.“

If his films make you feel somewhat uneasy, that’s ok – a subversive and bizarre character is their aim. These are the characteristics he adheres to at any cost, even with commercial commissions. The topics and visual material for his films come from the ordinariness of everyday life, pop culture and museum taxidermy departments. Cyriak puts them into unexpected situations and contexts, mostly resulting in fractal-like structures pushed into absurdity.

The Anča in Wonderland programme section shows that film can be boundlessly playful. Fest Anča organizers know that picking the most absurd films from those submitted is as demanding as it is rewarding. ”The section is comprised of films that deserve recognition; a selection of the craziest and most bizarre from over 1,200 submissions this year,“ says programme director Maroš Brojo. ”Speaking of absurdity, take the opportunity to see the well-known animated web-series Happy Tree Friends, which since its release has become a truly popular internet phenomenon. Despite its cute-looking characters, it brims with black humour that the adorable, innocent animals and other characters constantly have to tackle. Of course, a detached view is an essential part of the work’s essence. The series skilfully toys around with viewers’ expectations and tears down stereotypes about the presupposed innocence of animated heroes whose portrayal makes them seem like characters for children.“

Another special festival section, Anča in Mordor, features films for very resilient viewers with one thing in common: after you see the films, nothing will ever be the same. The gates of Mordor are opening, frame by frame…

Another popular festival event is evening film screenings with live musical accompaniment. Jonatán Pastirčák a.k.a. Pjoni sensitively reflects the world around him, transforming impressions into musical pieces in the borderland of electroacoustic futurism and classical music. His fusions of electronic sound experiments, field recordings, and classic work processes showcase his artistic excellence. At Fest Anča, Jonatán will live sound accompany the screening of Allegro non Troppo, the Italian feature film by Bruno Bozzetto.

The unique character of the audio-visual combination is supported by the film being testament to its author’s love for music. Combining actors’ parts with animated sections, it illustrates six extracts from classical compositions: Debussy’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Dvořák’s Slavonic Dance No. 7, Ravel’s Boléro, Sibelius’s Valse triste, Vivaldi’s Concerto in C major, and Stravinsky’s The Firebird. Every part constitutes a separate short story. In this way Bozzetto focuses on the importance of sound in animated film. The film can also be interpreted as a polemic on whether it is really possible to transfer a musical concept into the visual sphere.

One of the most popular elements of Fest Anča is the Animation Karaoke Battle. The fun evening show is the perfect opportunity for every daring registered attendee to show their creativity and sense of humour by live dubbing selected animated excerpts to win some attractive prizes.

As well as screenings you can look forward to concerts and parties. The highlight of this year’s musical programme is RSS Boys – the mysterious Polish duo. The artists providing dance trance are DJ Stroon, Emil and DJ Reverend.

27.06. 2016