29.6. - 3.7.2016

Interview with Žofia Bosáková – festival director

Fest Anča having a new director is nothing new. Žofia’s first days in our office showed exactly how a fast start looks. We needed 10-inch-nails to hang the noticeboard she inherited to cope with the “pin and unpin” marathon of Žofia’s to-do lists and Post-its full of exclamation marks. A laptop wheezed and whirred but finally couldn’t handle the hectic pace and literally overheated, because our Žofia is aware better than anyone of the fast-coming successful finale of Fest Anča Vol. 9.

How do you perceive the difference between Žofia as Fest Anča participant and Žofia as festival director?

The adrenalin levels!

What tasks does the Fest Anča director have to cover in parallel?

I have to see the big picture while also paying attention to the detail. I have to prioritise acute and important tasks. And then it comes to realization and delegation. And checking. And reacting to the unpredictable.  The meme What People Think I Do/ What I Really Do offers an accurate insight into managing positions.

You are very experienced in organizing cultural events. What convinced you to join the Fest Anča organization team?

Well, it was rather a concurrence of circumstances than one precise moment. And a couple of debates about what my added value to the festival could be, and how Anča could help me progress. I believe that the time spent with the Fest Anča team has fulfilled my expectations of meaningful cooperation with people whom I can also respect for their professionalism.

Fest Anča is expanding every year, how do you imagine the festival in coming years?

In the context of Slovakia, where the festival is held, it has almost reached its limit in terms of size. And quality growth is a life-long challenge, isn’t it? Maroš (the festival programme director, ed.) and I share a vision of how this quality growth could look, so the next step is to make it real. The presentation of movies, the industry section, and networking over five festival days are only the tip of the iceberg. We are working hard on the rest.

What would you like to see at the festival if options were unlimited?

There is no fun without restrictions – they give our work, creativity and ideas a more intensive drive.

The 2016 festival programme hasn’t been finalized yet, but is there something you particularly look forward to?

I am happy we have Game Days, because the synergy of animation and games is the least familiar phenomenon to me – and it already strongly influences developments in both industries. I would like to be an example that proves even individuals who barely made it past Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros can still find inspiration and new storytelling horizons in the New Synagogue (Game Days’ location, ed.).

When will Slovakia become an animation superpower?

As a person of common sense, I will answer with a counter-question: When you compare the circumstances of animation moviemaking ten years ago and today, hasn’t there been remarkable progress?  In those days Anča only existed in the minds of its founders. A priori factors influencing the sphere of animation do not miraculously change from one year to another, but that’s just one more reason for us to increase our demands from everyday activities and responsibilities.


04.04. 2016