29.6. - 3.7.2016

A Diversity of Ideas

New Synagogue: H1

Michał Staniszewski (Poland)
Plastic /

It’s currently pretty hard to invent a new type of gameplay, or create a new video game setting. The fundamental question remains – do we need to check all existing games and try to find the one that hasn’t been created yet? Or maybe we are all constrained in a box of games from which we just need to escape. With the use of simple paradigms of number theory, I will attempt to sort and order all current ideas and highlight those that are truly valuable and universal.

Michał Staniszewski is a creative director of Plastic, a small company with demoscene roots. Plastic was formed in 1997. At first it was releasing demos on Amiga and early PCs. Since 2007 Plastic has been working with Sony Santa Monica Studio, responsible for the God Of War series, as well as unique games such as Journey, Flower, Unfinished Swan and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Michal is currently working on Bound – a game that aims to combine classic game mechanics with notgames.