29.6. - 3.7.2016

Art Prototyping The Mad Head Way

New Synagogue: H1

Ivan Zorkić (Serbia)
Mad Head Games /

Beware! The evil beast approaches! A towering monster that has crushed many an artist beneath its mighty feet…

…it goes something like this: you start developing a game. You have an idea in mind. The game designer has an idea of his own. You both know that the final game may look nothing like those ideas. In fact, it may not look like any of the 100 ideas you’ll go through in the following days or weeks. So, where to start? How to visualise these shifting thoughts? You face the Blank Page Monster. Your best weapon? Prototyping. In this presentation we’ll give a short overview of the Mad Head Games method of turning game ideas into visual solutions.

Ivan Zorkić: After his Master’s Degree in Architecture, Ivan redirected his pen from designing buildings to designing games. As an original member of Mad Head Games, he was lead artist when the studio had only five members. Almost a decade later, with Mad Head having more than a hundred artisans and craftsmen, Ivan is involved in design, production, management and art direction as executive producer and executive artist.