29.6. - 3.7.2016

Balkan LEGENDS: Croatia 1

Station Žilina Záriečie: S2
Duration 71:53

The term “Zagreb School of Animated Films” was coined by French journalists George Sadoul and Andre Martin at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958, where a program of films from Zagreb Film enjoyed an international presentation and became an instant sensation. Starting in Disney style (Big Meeting, 1951) and very soon abandoning it, Vukotić, Kostelac, Mimica, Kristl and others shifted their artistic expression towards what soon became the trademark of Zagreb authors – limited animation, flat and abstract space treatment, stories about a small man living alienated from society. With Vukotić’s Surogat (Ersatz) winning an Oscar in 1962 (the first non-American Oscar in history and the only Oscar any Croatian film ever won), Zagreb animation reached one of its peaks. The great international success continued throughout the sixties, seventies and the beginning of the eighties.

The scale of this importance and impact can be seen in the list of the 88 biggest animated films in the history of world animation, compiled by the highly regarded Italian specialist for animated film Giannalberto Bendazzi in 1999. He included no less than eight films produced by Zagreb Film.
Daniel Šuljić, Filmmaker and Artistic Director of The World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb

Opening Night / Premijera

directed by Nikola Kostelac

year: 1957
country: HR
duration: 09:48
A poster announcing the opening night of an opera. A crowd of so called “music lovers“ rushes by. The tenor, well aware of his magnificence, has some troubles with his wardrobe as his button refuses to fit in his collar. The “connaisseurs“ having shown their presence, tire and start to slumber…

The Inspector Returned Home / Inspektor se vratio kući

directed by Vatroslav Mimica

year: 1959
country: HR
duration: 11:34
An inspector walks the streets, trying to avoid dangers. At home he washes his feet and reads a newspaper. Suddenly he notices a finger-print which starts to run away. The inspector stalks its trail…

Ersatz / Surogat

directed by Dušan Vukotić

year: 1961
country: HR
duration: 09:36
On a beach a tourist inflates a whole village in plastic. In this painted and inflated ambiance there is an ersatz in plastic for everything, including sentiments. A passionate love develops, provoking jealousy, venegeance and finally – tragedy.

Don Quixote / Don Kihot

directed by Vlado Kristl

year: 1961
country: HR
duration: 10:42
This film shows Don Quixote and his servant Sancho Panza in their adventures. The valiant knight fights policemen and the whole army, driving them all into a flight of panic after he tells them about the brawl with his old enemy, the windmill.

Wow-Wow / Vau Vau

directed by Boris Kolar

year: 1964
country: HR
duration: 09:15
One dog, well aware of his physical strength, mischeivously bullies animals that run into him accidentally. He arrogantly enjoys to frighten and bark at them from a position of ambush...

The Fly / Muha

directed by Vladimir Jutriša, Aleksandar Marks

year: 1966
country: HR
duration: 08:15
A film about the relationship between a man and a fly in which the aggravating persistence of the fly grows into an obsession, in the man’s mind becoming a monster. The monstrosity of the fly reaches a culmination and the man succumbs to the superior power of the fly.

Mask of the Red Death / Maska crvene smrti

directed by Pavao Štalter, Branko Ranitović

year: 1969
country: HR
duration: 09:43
Based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe. A plague devastates the world. Count Prospero locks his decadent court inside his castle where the orgies continue. But the ball is interrupted by a seductive woman who entices the count further and further through the luxurious rooms of the castle.

Maxi Cat: Lunch, Fishing, Door / Maxi cat: Ručak, Ribolov, Vrata

directed by Zlatko Grgić

year: 1973
country: HR
duration: 03:00
Three stories and the adventures of Maxi Cat, protagonist of the eponymous series of animated miniatures.