29.6. - 3.7.2016

Balkan Legends: Serbia

New Synagogue: H2
Duration 75:13

When the animated doll film The pioneer and the Bad Mark – created by co-authors and spouses Vera and Ljubiša Jocić – won the 1950 Venice Festival award, it seemed that Serbian animation was on its way to a period of prosperous development. However, it turned out that the epicentre of animation moved to Zagreb in the-then one country (Yugoslavia disintegrated after the turmoil of the early 1990s), where the world-famous Zagreb school of animated film was established. After more than a decade of relative stagnation and amateur efforts in cinema clubs, the 1960s saw The Soloist and Chalk Man, the first studio films produced by Nikola Majdak (1927-2013), bringing about the Serbian animation renaissance. Alongside Majdak, the same epoch saw the works of Borislav Šajtinac, Zoran Jovanović, Divna Jovanović, Dragutin Milanović and other authors, as well as the engagement of production companies such as Dunav film (Belgrade) and Neoplanta (Novi Sad). A number of new authors sought affirmation during the 1970s and 1980s, including Stevan Živkov, Vera Vlajić, Veljko Bikić, Dušan Petričić, and Rastko Ćirić. Enthusiasm was high despite the volatile production climate. In the early 1990s, the socio-economic crisis had already begun, slowing creative output in this artistic field…

The Pioneer And the Bad Mark / Pionir i dvojka

directed by Vera Jocić, Ljubiša Jocić

year: 1949
country: RS
duration: 15:00
Educational anecdote about a little boy and his school problems.

The Spring of Life / Izvor života

directed by Nikola Majdak, Borislav Šajtinac

year: 1969
country: RS
duration: 10:00
Eternal mystery of life and death. Inspired by the graphics of Hristifor Žefarović, a Serbian painter from the 18th century.

Metamorphosis / Preobražaj

directed by Divna Jovanović

year: 1973
country: RS
duration: 02:50
A quest for symbols from the subconscious, drawn and etched directly onto filmstrip.

In the Alley of Diginitaries and Significant Events / U aleji velikana i velikih događaja

directed by Vera Vlajić, Zuko Džumhur

year: 1977
country: RS
duration: 08:00
Political caricature of the Cold War world.

Rotten Egg / Mućak

directed by Stevan Živkov

year: 1983
country: RS
duration: 03:00
How to escape the inevitable? How to outwit Mother Nature?

Romeo and Juliet… / Romeo i Julija...

directed by Dušan Petričić

year: 1984
country: RS
duration: 11:00
With apologies to Mr. Shakespeare for the inconsistencies…

Ogres and Bogies / Ale i bauci

directed by Rastko Ćirić

year: 1989
country: RS
duration: 09:00
Animated pandemonium of Balkan mythology.

Cross, Square, Circle by Kasimir Malevich / Krst, kvadrat, krug Kazimira Maljeviča

directed by Veljko Bikić

year: 1993
country: RS
duration: 04:00
Veljko Bikić’s hommage to Maljevič and modern art.

The Theatre of Horror / Le grand guignol

directed by Nikola Majdak

year: 1993
country: RS
duration: 04:23
About manipulation and being manipulated. One of the later films by Nikola Majdak, the pioneer of Serbian animated film.

Thus Passes Glory / Sic, transit, gloria

directed by Miroslav Jelić

year: 1997
country: RS
duration: 05:00
The story of a young priest whose prayer was disturbed by a fly.

Colliding Circles

directed by Srdjan Marković, Jelena Obradović

year: 1997
country: RS
duration: 03:00
Music clip made for The Rubber Soul Project to their song inspired by an unreleased recording of The Beatles.