29.6. - 3.7.2016

Balkan Now: Grécko

Duration 84:12

Grécka animovaná produkcia v novom miléniu je výsledkom tvrdej práce na univerzitách a v umeleckých školách (v Grécku sa stále nedá získať samostatný univerzitný titul v odbore animácia). Grécki umelci, z ktorých väčšina pôsobí v zahraničí, si neustále kladú otázku, kde sa nachádza ich krajina, aká je prítomnosť a minulosť Grécka a jeho obyvateľov. Skúmajú ju s chirurgickou presnosťou a do väčšej hĺbky než svetové spravodajstvo. Ich umelecký úspech dláždi cestu pre budúci rozvoj. Je radosťou predstavovať ich práce na festivaloch, kde sa právom oslavuje umenie stredoeurópskej a východoeurópskej animácie.  
Vassilis Kroustallis

Mirror Stage

directed by Spyros Siakas

year: 2005
country: GR
duration: 09:09
The story of a puppet-marionette who wanted to be a puppet-animation in order to dance without wire and without a marionettist’s help.

Tales of Fish and Lies

directed by Padelis Paradisis

year: 2015
country: GR
duration: 07:00
A line runs away from the sphere. A blue fish enters the paper world. Papers show the line path. A red bird is always waiting to lead the way. But how can the fish escape the loop?


directed by Eleni Tsampra

year: 2003
country: GR
duration: 03:15
The money trail and how it changes people.

The Guilable Kiss of Mr Patokos

directed by Alexandros Apostolakis

year: 2011
country: GR
duration: 05:11
Α tall thin creature falls in love with a white balloon that starts off as a part of itself – bringing the character into an existential loop.


directed by Faidra Derizioti

year: 2015
country: GR
duration: 05:16
This film is about an inner exploration in relation to the soul, the conscious and unconscious, and ultimately to life.


directed by Constantine Krystallis

year: 2008
country: GR
duration: 04:25
When an old fisherman tries to convince his donkey to climb the steep and winding road on their Greek island, he finds Mariza to be one stubborn ass. However, the old man knows that no‐one can resist Zorba’s dance.

The Fountain of Youth

directed by Panagiotis Rappas

year: 2011
country: GR
duration: 15:45
Long ago, somewhere among the mountains of Japan, lived a poor woodcutter and his wife. They were very old and had no children. Every day the husband went alone to the forest to cut wood, while the wife sat weaving at home. An animated film based on the short story The Fountain of Youth by Lafcadio Hearn.

Safe Place

directed by Angelos Roditakis

year: 2014
country: GR
duration: 05:10
A little boy is playing with toys in his room when his dad arrives home clearly drunk. The child, knowing full well what’s to come, tries to hide in the wardrobe in a vain attempt to avoid abuse. Inevitably, his dad finds him.


directed by Katerina Athanasopoulou

year: 2012
country: GR
duration: 05:03
Plato likens the human soul to a cage, where knowledge is birds flying. We’re born with the cage empty and, as we grow, we collect birds and they enter the cage for future use. When we need to access knowledge we put a hand into the cage to find a bird – but sometimes we catch the wrong one.

The Village

directed by Stelios Polychronakis

year: 2010
country: GR
duration: 14:24
A doctor mysteriously discovers that he is urgently required at a village. He arrives after a long and difficult journey, only to find that the village is deserted.

My Stuffed Granny

directed by Effie Pappa

year: 2014
country: GR
duration: 09:34
Little Sofía loves her grumpy granny: even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go once granny is no more?