29.6. - 3.7.2016

Balkan Now: Slovenia

Station Žilina Záriečie: S1
Duration 69:41

The new millennium brought about a revival of original authorial approaches to the problem of low production output of Slovenian animated film. With the Slovenian Film Centre’s growing recognition of the importance of animated film, and the introduction of a public television financial support scheme, a great opportunity arose for a new generation of animators. Adding to this the introduction of a new curriculum for animated film at the University of Nova Gorica’s School of Arts, and animated film in Slovenia seems to have a bright and colourful future.

Composition / Kompozicija

directed by Mitja Manček

year: 2015
country: SI
duration: 03:34
Two audiovisual and film basics - sound and image - are created by the same lines engraved directly on primary audiovisual medium - film track - in order to trigger the most harmonic relationship possible between them. In this film you can see the sound and hear the image.

Patty, Short Film on Perversion / Patty, kratki film v perverzih

directed by Matej Lavrenčič, Roman Ražman

year: 2006
country: SI
duration: 03:30
A walk through drawn fantasies of a worshipper, obsessed by Patty - the international porno diva.

Work / Delo

directed by Urban Breznik, Timon Leder

year: 2008
country: SI
duration: 05:20
We follow three workers on their routine commute to work. But is it really so routine?

Wall of Sighs / Zid vzdihljajev

directed by Dušan Kastelic, Igor Šinkovec, Tomaž Lavrič

year: 2009
country: SI
duration: 04:00
Dogs can love, too. Deeply, sincerely, passionately…The Wall of Sighs is a soul-stirring and heartbreaking melodrama - overflowing with passion and deep emotion - about unrequited love with a tragic ending. Sensitive souls should refrain from watching.

Chicory 'n' Coffee / Čikorija an kafe

directed by Dušan Kastelic

year: 2008
country: SI
duration: 09:00
This sweet, animated musical short, based on a Slovenian folk tale, details a wife's innocent deception of her husband over the course of a long and loving marriage.

Last minute / Zadnja minúta

directed by Špela Čadež, Marina Rosset

year: 2010
country: SI
duration: 01:51
Chalk hunts the shadow. When the shadow is caught, only traces of their game remain.


directed by Špela Čadež

year: 2013
country: SI
duration: 12:30
Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood, dreaming of becoming a famous writer and having a luxurious lifestyle in a more prosperous part of town. One day there is a knock at the door...


directed by Anka Kočevar

year: 2009
country: SI
duration: 04:00
More than a narrative, the film is a poem-whisper about life and living together…

Happy Birthday

directed by Damir Grbanović

year: 2014
country: SI
duration: 04:05
Granny is looking forward to her birthday and celebrating it with her family.

I Already Know What I Hear / Kar slišim, že vem

directed by Darko Masnec

year: 2012
country: SI
duration: 05:00
Communication is a lack that I can sense through things I am unable to say. But this lack is not a black hole; it is a space that fills itself.

Koyaa – The Extraordinary / Koyaa – Lajf je čist odbit

directed by Kolja Saksida

year: 2011
country: SI
duration: 03:00
Koyaa tackles everyday situations in his own wacky way. In the morning, he wants to tie his shoes but the naughty laces won't listen. Luckily, he's not alone on the remote mountain ledge: when things start getting crazy, his friend the wise Raven is always ready to help.

Prince Ki-Ki-Do and One Hundred Unhappy Mushrooms / Princ Ki-Ki-Do in 100 nesrečnih gobic

directed by Grega Mastnak

year: 2013
country: SI
duration: 03:51
In a dark forest lives a small chick, Prince Ki-Ki-Do, a fearless fighter for the rights of forest inhabitants. One day, the wanton sow Rosalia is romping through the forest, toppling little mushrooms. Quick as a wink, Ki-Ki-Do and his friend manage to save all hundred of them.


directed by Boris Dolenc

year: 2012
country: SI
duration: 10:00
This animated Slovenian Western ingeniously combines traditional Slovenian countryside with the Wild West, with a hint of contemporary criticism.