29.6. - 3.7.2016

Drone n Base – the First Multigenre Game with Drones

New Synagogue: H1

Róbert Schochmann (Slovakia)
Anima Technika s.r.o. /

Drone n Base is the only multi-genre indoor game in the world which transforms flying with drones into dramatic air races, fights and trainings. A palm-sized drone weighs only several dozen grams, is safe, and extremely shockproof. They contain an infrared cannon which can shoot down an enemy drone. Electronic bases that automatically record a minidrone’s overflight allow you to set targets, checkpoints while racing, and various bonuses such as acceleration, protective shield, stronger hit, lives refilling, or war trophies. At Fest Anča Game Days the team behind the unique Drone n Base will reveal everything about the game, its development, rules, and many other fascinating aspects.

Róbert Schochmann graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Slovak University of Technology in robotics. During his studies he entered many business contests which he won. His biggest achievements include winning the JCI Student Business Award 2013 and representing the Slovak Republic in Washington at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.  With over eight years’ experience in robotics and management, he now heads Anima Technika, s.r.o., which is conquering the world market with the unique Drone n Base project.