29.6. - 3.7.2016

Entities: Creatures and Monsters

Station Žilina Záriečie: Container
Duration 77:19

The Entities thematic section series aims to demonstrate the diversity and variability of ways to depict objects, creatures and people in animated film. Despite the number of characteristic features of such depictions being reduced to a minimum, viewers can still identify them. Each section is dedicated to a different entity and offers various ways to use the vast potential of animation, an art form that is characterized by unlimited imagery and openness to viewers’ fantasy.


directed by Allison Schulnik

year: 2011
country: US
duration: 04:23
Mound is a moving painting, created with traditional clay-mation techniques, over 100 puppets and in-camera effects, giving an uncertain account of what exists somewhere between tragedy and farce.

Ex Animo

directed by Wojciech Wojtkowski

year: 2013
country: PL
duration: 06:52
An animated impression. Images conjured up by the animator form their own two-dimensional reality. Absurd and unrelated scenes describe the rules governing the world confined to a sheet of paper and animation technique. The relationships between the characters seem strangely familiar.

Palmipedarium / Palmipédarium

directed by Jérémy Clapin

year: 2012
country: FR
duration: 10:25
Simon knows about ducks quite well. They make noise, fly, swim, some even roll around. Sometimes, it’s a bit confusing and Simon gets lost.


directed by Jaromír Plachý

year: 2013
country: CZ
duration: 03:42
Love, joy and a larger than small amount of happiness in a protest animation to the Mulatu protest song by the band DVA.

Plug & Play

directed by Michael Frei

year: 2012
country: CH
duration: 06:00
Ruled by fingers, plug-headed figures are being plugged in. But the fingers also finger around. Is it love?


directed by Hugo Moreno

year: 2013
country: FR
duration: 00:35
The story of a middle class man, a visitor and a coffee machine.


directed by Tomasz Popakul

year: 2013
country: PL
duration: 19:00
In a seemingly idyllic village, a teenager has to struggle with the problems of growing up. His situation is especially difficult, as he is half boy, half fish.

Coming of Oracle / Prohveti sünd

directed by Rao Heidmets

year: 2011
country: EE
duration: 13:00
A human being is a slave to his imagination. The journey to find a way out is long and complicated and requires a good memory.

With Joy and Merriness / Dans la joie et la bonne humeur

directed by Jeanne Boukraa

year: 2014
country: BE
duration: 05:52
With Joy and Merriness is an experimental documentary where we observe, through everyday scenes, the degeneration of a society where the rise of technology leads the population to the biggest dream of all men: immortality.

Giving Me A Chance / Giving Me A Chance

directed by Gina Thorstensen, Nacho Rodríguez

year: 2012
country: DK
duration: 03:30
A surreal journey into a love relationship, exploring longing, idealisation and frustration.

Astigmatism / Astigmatismo

directed by Nicolai Troshinsky

year: 2013
country: ES
duration: 04:00
A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds around him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.