29.6. - 3.7.2016

Entities: Silhouettes

Station Žilina Záriečie: S2
Duration 64:54

The Entities thematic section series aims to demonstrate the diversity and variability of ways to depict objects, creatures and people in animated film. Despite the number of characteristic features of such depictions being reduced to a minimum, viewers can still identify them. Each section is dedicated to a different entity and offers various ways to use the vast potential of animation, an art form that is characterized by unlimited imagery and openness to viewers’ fantasy.

They Both Explode

directed by Matthew Stephenson

year: 2012
country: GB
duration: 02:40
A short hallucinatory tale of consumption, sorrow, redemption and vomit. A peckish heron meets a frog with inviting eyes. In the end they both explode.

The Making of Longbird

directed by Will Anderson

year: 2011
country: GB
duration: 15:18
A behindthescenes look at an animator/filmmaker as he struggles with his character.


directed by Maurice Huvelin

year: 2012
country: FR
duration: 04:44
Swans sing before they die— 't were no bad thing Should certain persons die before they sing. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

Widow Caillou / La veuve Caillou

directed by Agnès Patron

year: 2011
country: FR
duration: 07:40
Mountains resound with bird cries as a strong wind blows through the gorges. The widow Caillou is ascending up to the house where she lives all by herself. She chops up several logs to keep her company. She has lost everything else. She puts one log into a child’s bed, and immerses herself in memories...

Walk the Dog / Dame mit Hund

directed by Sonja Rohleder

year: 2014
country: DE
duration: 03:00
A woman walks her dog in the park, where she meets a man she would have liked to avoid.

Flesh / Carne

directed by Carlos Gómez Salamanca

year: 2013
country: CO
duration: 07:17
Carne is a Colombian animated short film that reveals the sacrifice of an animal during a rural celebration. It is an aesthetic journey that merges sound with moving paintings.

Mr. Overtime

directed by Maxime Bruneel

year: 2012
country: FR
duration: 02:53
Four young people travel through the country in a convertible, they dance to the sound of the radio until they hit a strange beast. In the accident, the characters merge with the beast.

The Raven Wishing to Imitate the Eagle / Le Corbeau voulant imiter l'Aigle

directed by Benjamin Renner

year: 2006
country: FR
duration: 01:23
The raven wanted to bite off more than he could chew.


directed by Peter Millard

year: 2012
country: GB
duration: 04:08
I once lived in a Boogodobiegodongo, and I felt better there.

Shape / Katachi

directed by Kijek / Adamski

year: 2013
country: PL
duration: 03:05
"Katachi" means "shape". The video is made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using a computer-controlled cutter. It's an everlasting chain of convulsive memories.


directed by Daniel Sousa

year: 2012
country: US
duration: 12:46
A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by this strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.