29.6. - 3.7.2016

How and Why Pixel Federation got into VR Development

New Synagogue: H1

Martin Jaššo (Slovakia)
Pixel Federation /

The presentation will focus on the key reasons from both the business and design perspectives that convinced us to research VR opportunities. We will also talk about what kept us going, why we decided to do a full VR game, as well as the early lessons we learned.

Martin Jaššo is Head of the VR Department at Pixel Federation. He studied Computer Science at the Slovak University of Technology, aspiring to be a game developer. Following the example of innovators such as Steve Jobs, he soon left college to pursue his vision and started to work as a game programmer/designer in a small local studio. In 2013 he joined Pixel Federation as a game designer for the online strategy game Emporea. After the emergence of advanced development kits for virtual reality in 2015, he established a VR research department. This is currently working on CoLab – an escape room puzzle game to be released in summer 2016 as a single-player story-driven game.