29.6. - 3.7.2016

International Competition of Short Films 3 (premiere)

Puppet Theatre
Duration 70:58

The Ana Award is an international competition of 30-minute fılms made in the last two years. This year 1,241 fılms from 71 countries have been registered, of which 36 will be classifıed into sections in the international competition category. These fılms will be judged by a three-member committee. On the last festival day, 3rd July 2016 at 16:00 in the New Synagogue, the winner will be announced and awarded €800.

The Baffled King / Der Lustige König

directed by Jörg Weidner

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 12:42
Life is dull for the king. Nothing to do! Time goes by meaninglessly. So he begins asking questions, seeking answers, investigating the secret of happiness. Only to find out that his time in the eternal cycle has passed and life now belongs to others. A sombre fairytale!

Chainlets / Lancuszki

directed by Alicja Blaszczynska

year: 2015
country: PL
duration: 08:10
The story of five people who are seen as weirdos. But what if their compulsions and obsessions make more sense than anyone thinks? Perhaps they know something about the world that other “normal people” simply can’t see…

A Coat Made Dark

directed by Jack O'Shea

year: 2015
country: IE
duration: 09:56
A man follows the orders of a dog to wear a mysterious coat with impossible pockets.

Here There

directed by Alexander Stewart

year: 2015
country: HR
duration: 04:40
Here There begins as a traveler’s sketchbook, drawn in Croatia in the summer of 2014, but details soon fade away into abstract impressions on the edges of memory. This film is a reduction to essence, a condensed feeling of one place and time.

Going Through the Motions

directed by Alan Jennings

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 03:24
Gym class can be tough. Someone is bound to lose an eye.


directed by David Coquard-Dassault

year: 2015
country: FR
duration: 12:00
A journey into the heart of a large and abandoned council estate. Peripheria portrays an urban environment becoming wild: a modern Pompeii where the wind blows and dogs roam, tailing the remains of human life.

The More I Know / Čím víc vím

directed by Marek Náprstek

year: 2015
country: CZ
duration: 07:35
A weary old man is preparing to die. He has nothing more to fear and decides to share the secret of his life with us. While his relatives wait outside the door, he takes us on a journey through his memories. What will be the ultimate truth he chooses to pass on?


directed by Martina Scarpelli

year: 2015
country: IT
duration: 04:46
“Shall I destroy myself? Shall I destroy the universe?” A girl imagines she can empty the universe to get to the very first part of the cosmos. Facing the last part of the world, she is forced to choose whether to consider the world as a part or as its creator.

Mynarski Death Plummet / Mynarski Chute Mortelle

directed by Matthew Rankin

year: 2014
country: CA
duration: 07:45
Tento krátky ručne animovaný historický film je mikroepos o posledných minútach padlého hrdinu druhej svetovej vojny, Andrewa Mynarskeho z Winnipegu (1916 – 1944). Spája sa v ňom melodráma z prostredia vojnového letectva s klasickými a avantgardnými animačnými technikami.