29.6. - 3.7.2016

Jazz & Animated Film

Station Žilina Záriečie: S1
Duration 60:28

In his eponymous lecture Milen Alempijević introduces the authorial selection of contemporary animated films, the iconography of which is predominantly defined by jazz music.

Giant Steps

directed by Michal Levy

duration: 02:17
A short animated music film set to John Coltrane’s masterpiece.

Tim Tom

directed by Romain Segaud, Christel Pougeoise

year: 2002
country: FR
duration: 04:20
Tim and Tom persevere and successfully connect despite interference from the higher power.

Story Ville

directed by Marion Nove-Josserand, Patrick Kraft, Florian Mounié

year: 2005
country: FR
duration: 06:00
Bývalý trubkár Artie sa pokúsi oslobodiť svoju trúbku z objatia smrti.


directed by Heui Won Jeong, Justin Murphy

year: 2006
country: CA
duration: 07:55
A story about a little girl and her outlaw friends – passionate jazz musicians.

The Man with a Chicken Head / L'homme à tête de poule

directed by Sylvain Georget, Axel Morales, Mathias Rodriguez

year: 2007
country: FR
duration: 05:38
A man with a chicken‘s head, feeling excluded in standardized society, one day decides to take his passion for jazz by disguising himself.


directed by Anton Setola

year: 2008
country: FR
duration: 06:44
Jazzed incites the audience on an introspective journey by pushing the main character, Jack, to release his most mysterious, profound and imperceptible emotions.

Preservation Hall Hot 4: St. James Infirmary (King Britt Remix) / St. James Infirmary (King Britt Remix)

directed by James Tancill

year: 2009
country: US
duration: 03:36
An animated romp in the style of Max Fleischer’s old cartoons that present the iconography of New Orleans’ music and culture, characters and landmarks from the past and present.


directed by Mette Ilene Holmriis, Marie Jørgensen, Jeanette Nørgaard, Marie Thorhauge

year: 2009
country: DK
duration: 07:06
A story about the last lonely member of a jazz band, living only through his music and the daily visits of a white cat. One day he is overwhelmed by nostalgia and has a crazy idea…


directed by Steven Woloshen

year: 2009
country: CA
duration: 02:44
Jock MacDonald painted in both worlds: figurative and abstract. Playtime pays homage to his dedication, spirit and wonderful subject matter – both real and imaginary. In Cinemascope.

Fallin’ Floyd

directed by Paco Vinc, Albert 't Hooft

year: 2012
country: NL
duration: 08:53
After being dumped by his girlfriend, Floyd suffers psychological problems manifested as a little demon disrupting his everyday life.

Jazz that Nobody Asked For

directed by Rune Fisker, Esben Fisker

year: 2013
country: DK
duration: 04:12
This is an ode to all those unwanted songs, so-called ‘earworms’, that have nowhere to go. The music is the amazing swing jazz tune Quaker City Jazz by the long forgotten Jan Savitt and His Top Hatters.

Jazz Improvisation in a Notebook

directed by Bastien Dubois

year: 2015
country: FR
duration: 01:03
A Moleskine notebook with the distinctive visual style of New York's most important avant-garde jazz music label, Blue Note Records. The limited edition features influential saxophonist Dexter Gordon and celebrates the music label's 75th anniversary.