29.6. - 3.7.2016

Making of Female First: Izabela Textorisová

Station Žilina Záriečie: S1
Duration 41:00

Female first is a documentary series that portrays female pioneers who brokethrough in various spheres of life, helping to change society into a place where it is natural for a woman to be part of the public sphere. The series consists of intimate memoirs of female figures who remained almost invisible in comparison to great men like Štúr, Štefánik and Dubček. It does not matter how successful these women were. What matters is that they decided to embark on an unexplored road of self-realization and to stand out despite all the traditions and prejudices. Their life stories and the work they left for us belong to our history and should become part of our social memory. How does the message of these women and their work resonate with our culture and the memories of their close relatives? How can they inspire and be role models for us?

Female First: Izabela Textorisová / Prvá: Izabela Textorisová

directed by Jana Bučka

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 41:00
Izabela Textorisová is a female botanist whose life path became overgrown by thistle. The portrait pictures the story of an extraordinary and proud woman who became an expert with astonishing results in contemporary European science, even at times of strong Hungarisation. Her zeal and desire for knowledge marked her out as a woman ahead of her time.