29.6. - 3.7.2016

Slovak TV Bedtime Stories of the 1990s 2 (premiere)

Station Žilina Záriečie: S2
Duration 49:10

If we consider the 1980s as “the golden era” of Slovak and Czechoslovak TV bedtime stories for children, the following decade brought only complications for original children’s TV animation. After the revolution of 1989 the manner of investment as well as the authors’ production environment changed dramatically. Formerly financed by the state via Slovenská Filmová Tvorba (a national film production company) and Slovenská televízia (Slovak Television), filmmaking lost funding as well as the technical facilities of Koliba TV Studios, which fell victim to privatization and was left to decay during the 1990s’ Mečiar government. Slovak Television remained the only party interested in animation. Many orders for TV bedtime stories were still placed in the 1990s despite the difficulties, and former employees of Kreslená tvorba (“cartoon production”) started to found their own production studios. Yet most proved unable to adapt to the new capitalist market, and were forced to close down when orders from Slovak Television dried up. The number of orders gradually decreased until the millennium, when the production of animated content for children stopped almost completely. The original production of TV bedtime stories from this era was considerably poorer compared to its former state of glory, although content-wise it could still compete with children`s TV programs from abroad. This selection contains the best children`s animation broadcast in the 1990s, and consequently closes one of the chapters of  TV bedtime story tradition that raised several generations.

Why: Why Ladybirds Have Spots / Prečo: Prečo majú lienky na chrbáte bodky

directed by Vladimír Malík

year: 1994
country: SK
duration: 07:07
Stories from the Why series explain the most amazing mysteries and enable viewers of all ages to discover the world step-by-step.

Snowman Stories: Mr. Snowball / Snehuliacke rozprávky: Pánko Snehulianko

directed by Jindřich Liška

year: 1992
country: SK
duration: 08:53
An animated series about snowmen and their winter joys and adventures, full of poetry, fantasy and kind humor.

Zvonček and Margarétka: Little Sun / Zvonček a Margarétka: Slniečko

directed by František Jurišič, Valéria Takáčová

year: 1995
country: SK
duration: 08:14
A series about two cute meadow elves, Zvonček and Margarétka, who discover the miraculous world of nature.

Craftsman’s Fairy-Tales: A Miller and a Hen / Remeselnícke rozprávky: O mlynárovi a sliepke

directed by Monika Trajterová, Tomáš Čepek

year: 1996
country: SK
duration: 08:21
A series of tales in which the happy end is achieved by the skill, humor, wit and common sense that stems from national traditions.

The Smallest Heroes: The Egg / Najmenší hrdinovia: Vajíčko

directed by František Jurišič

year: 1991
country: SK
duration: 08:33
An animated series about a little girl, Terezka, who gets a set of building blocks for Christmas which she uses to create two peculiar characters: Stick and Ball.

Stoney: The Magic Pot / Kamenáčik: Zázračný hrniec

directed by Ivan Renč

year: 1993
country: SK
duration: 08:02
The evil wizzard Grumo can’t stand other people’s happiness and always tries to use his magical pot to spoil their well-being in any possible way.