29.6. - 3.7.2016

The World Famous Talos Principle speech

New Synagogue: H1

Ante Vrdelja (Croatia)
Croteam /

Croteam‘s runaway success The Talos Principle surprised both critics and fans of Serious Sam, the studio’s award-winning series. Hell, it even surprised us! What did we do right? How did we make it happen? Can we do it again? While it may seem that this (rather philosophical) session poses more questions than the philosophical puzzler itself, all will be answered and all attendees will experience total enlightenment. Also: swag.

Ante Vrdelja: After working most of his life in some of the most successful regional video gaming and IT publications, Ante decided to try a more hands-on approach. Now he is a producer at Croteam and CAO at CGDA, working towards the promotion, support and recognition of local game development studios.