29.6. - 3.7.2016

True Štúr

directed by Michal Baláž, Noro Držiak

TV in the City
Duration 52:00
year: 2015
country: SK
duration: 52:00

The movie True Štúr takes place during one night in the town of Modra in January 1856. The main protagonist is a mysterious man called Samuel Hronský, a fictional character made up by the creators. Hronský is coming to Modra to attend Štúr’s funeral. He can’t grasp the sudden death of his good friend, so he decides to investigate if there was someone else involved. Apart from some surprising information, during one cold night Hronský finds out that Štúr was not in love with Adela Ostrolúcka, he was not a homosexual, and he was not murdered – the three popular myths about him. But the truth is usually much simpler…