29.6. - 3.7.2016

Two-Men Game Development – From Dreams to Reality

New Synagogue: H1

Jan Kavan (Czech Republic)
CBE software /

Many of us have dreamt about creating a video game. This dream usually ends with a couple of unsuccessful attempts and saying that if we had more time, money, or people, it would have definitely worked out. In my presentation I will focus on how I managed to fulfil this dream even without the aforementioned requirements. Apart from the general description, I will also provide concrete information about what enables us to develop games with just two people – from software through processes to the necessary outsourcing. You don’t need experience with game development to attend – on the contrary, the presentation can spark indecisive listeners into action.

Jan Kavan studied chello at Teplice conservatoire in and musical composition at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. Ever since he was thirteen he had dreamt of creating a game but was hindered from doing so because of his extensive concert workload. However, he fulfilled his dream in 2006 when he set up a two-man studio called CBE software. Through that he released Ghost in the Sheet, J.U.L.I.A., Vampires: Guide them to Safety, Boredom of Agustín Cordes, J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars and J.U.L.I.A. Untold. CBE is presently working on Someday You’ll Return. Apart from the CBE games, he was also involved in the development of Tale of a Hero, Darkfall 2, Barrow Hill, Black Circle, The Colour of Murder, Blue Madonna, Beyond the Threshold, Sunrise and Serena. He continues to be an active musician in international music ensembles.