29.6. - 3.7.2016

World Panorama 1

Station Žilina Záriečie: S2
Duration 74:26

A selection of films and music videos that missed out on being selected for the competition by just a hair’s breadth. These will be screened in the special World Panorama section.

Wojtek – the Soldier Bear

directed by Marianna Raskin

year: 2015
country: IL
duration: 03:40
A short animated film that tells the (true) story of Wojtek, a bear adopted by Polish soldiers that became an official member of the Polish Army during WWII.

Chulyen, a Crow's Tale / Chulyen, histoire de corbeau

directed by Cerise Lopez, Agnes Patron

year: 2015
country: FR
duration: 20:22
Chulyen is strong, Chulyen is handsome. Chulyen is weak, Chulyen is ugly. Chulyen is the crow spirit and three shamans are chasing him.

Branded Dreams

directed by Studio Smack

year: 2015
country: NL
duration: 02:30
Our dreams are the last safe and add-free place – or so it seems. But what happens when advertisers can enter our dreams?

Koko-Kola Always / Коко-кола всегда

directed by Koka Dlinnosheeeedov

year: 2015
country: UA
duration: 05:30
This is a story about how it is sometimes difficult for international brands to be promoted in remote post-Soviet regions.

Drought / Sausra

directed by Agnė Kužšytė

year: 2015
country: LT
duration: 05:30
Drought is a take on humanity, picking at our core values. The players are put into a concrete space – powerless over the influences of ever present forces, they are bound to act in unconsciously dictated patterns.


directed by Vicente Nirō

year: 2015
country: PT
duration: 10:30
To overcome loneliness and others‘ contempt, Lingo connects to social networks for some companionship. He’ll soon realize that online friends, likes and selfies do not bring happiness.

The Love Story

directed by Evan Grothjan

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 05:22
The American Dream. A Crashing People-less Love Parade. Quite Splendid.

Life Is Rugged / Das Leben Ist Hart

directed by Simon Schnellmann

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 03:00
Five short sequences about life are linked by a black dot.

Mr. Sea

directed by Geng Xue

year: 2014
country: CN
duration: 13:09
Mr. Sea is adapted from Strange Stories from a Chinese studio (LiaoZhai ZhiYi), an original novel by Pu Songling (1640-1715) a ghost writer of the Qing Dynasty. It tells a mysterious story about a scholar with a serpent-tempter and a prostitute on a wasteland.

If You Say Something See Something

directed by Gina Kamentsky

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 01:35
An animated film drawn on found subtitled footage. Music Funeral March of a Marionette by Charles Gounod, performed by Ergo Phizmiz.

Don't Tell Mom / Okasan ni naisho

directed by Sawako Kabuki

year: 2015
country: JP
duration: 03:18
A nocturnal education film, designed to help children develop their emotions and expressions, as well as language and physical skills, by enjoying singing and exercising with a big brother.