29.6. - 3.7.2016

World Panorama for Kids 1 (rerun)

Artforum Bookshop
Duration 34:23

A selection of films for children that missed out on being selected for the competition by just a hair’s breadth. These will be screened in the World Panorama for Children section.

About Coati / Про носуху

directed by Alexandra Slepchuk

year: 2015
country: RU
duration: 06:00
This story shows how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and how to show someone who mocks the true value of your deeds. Sometimes the oddities can help you become meaningful and gain recognition.

The Musical Dragon / Le dragon et la musique

directed by Camille Müller

year: 2015
country: CH
duration: 08:26
A little girl befriends a dragon in the woods. They begin to play music together, but this is not without danger, for the king only allows military marches…

Head Up! / Kopf Hoch!

directed by Gottfried Mentor

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 02:45
Two goats are learning from each other.


directed by Natalie Labarre

year: 2014
country: US
duration: 06:20
When an eccentric inventor and his daughter don’t see eye to eye, Papa tries to create a solution!

Octopus / Krake

directed by Julia Ocker

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 03:48
The octopus wants to bake a yummy peach cake. But one of her arms has (baking) plans of its own.

About Creation / O stvoření světa

directed by Magdalena Kvasničková

year: 2015
country: CZ
duration: 02:09
Every nation has its own mythology of how the world was created. The film briefly pictures three stories. It’s somehow an extract of a so far fictional animated encyclopaedia of world myths dedicated to children.


directed by Hanka Nováková

year: 2015
country: CZ
duration: 04:55
An allegory about people and the borders of their world. The film tells the story of how something simple can start a spiral of strife that is difficult to stop. Difficult, but not impossible.