29.6. - 3.7.2016

Fest Anča 2016 Awards

Three Fitted Flies / Tres moscas a medida
directors: María Álvarez a Elisa Morais (Sois de Traca) (E)

“The film creates and recreates again its own narrative and visual space with inventiveness and constant surprises. Beguilingly simple in its visual design it engages the viewers with its quirky atmosphere, but also the very personal feelings of the main character, hidden under fly wings.”

Special Mention
Sunday Lunch / Le repas dominical
director: Celine Devaux (FR)

“It takes a very personal story to metamorphose it to the most interesting Sunday evening, with the individual ready to be devoured by both his family, the cosy monochromatic backgrounds and the menacing sound design.”

director: Samuel Yal (FR)


“This film is a fascinating dialogue between the art forms of sculpture, dance and animation. We are astonished to watch how numerous tiny particles of porcelain are transforming into fluid ocean waves and we experience the fragility of a human corpus, forming and dissolving.”

Ruben Leaves
director: Frederic Siegel (CH)


“Using a particularly impressive simplistic graphic design, which is reduced to a few pastel hues, the film thematises the obsession of neurotic compulsive thoughts. Here, animated film is just the perfect medium to switch from reality to fantasy and even to dissolve the borders between them, when the story gets more and more absurd.”

Special Mention
director: Martina Scarpelli


“The director successfully engages, from a first-person viewpoint, with fundamental philosophical questions, putting them into perspective with bodily movements – each of them engulfing a different vision of our universe.”

State of Amnesia / Amnesia en el estado
director: Esteban Azuela (MEX)

“For its deception of brutality and hostility that is based on the fresh combination of animation techniques and media language, we, the jury give the Anča Video Award to State of Amnesia by Esteban Azuela.”

Special Mention
Now It’s Over / Now It’s Over
director: Dave Merson Hess (USA)

“Exploratory, courageous and intuitive, this videoclip explores light and multiple tactile techniques, we, the jury choose Now It’s Over by Dave Merson Hess.”

Mila Fog
director: Marta Prokopová

06_mila fog

“The film brings a subtle associative story that gives us a space for interpretations and creative participation. The combination of different visual styles and their transformation comes very natural and fluent. The magnetic visuals together with a bold and fascinating sound design brings an essential experience to the audience. Big confidence of the director’s decisions about all of the film’s elements and the timing of it led to a wholesome piece of art. We would like to thank the director for this journey into her artistic vision.”

Special Mention
Brother Deer
director: Zuzana Žiaková

06_bracek jelencek

“The special mention goes to the director for her mastership in the classical stop-motion animation in the film that brings a traditional tale combined with surreal elements.”

Anča D Award
Star Taxi
director: Juraj Krumpolec

One, Two, Tree
director: Yulia Aronova (FR)




03.07. 2016