‘Sore Eyes for Infinity’ wins Anča Award


“Although this was one of the first films we saw, we did not lose it from our sight throughout the whole festival,” revealed the expert jury about Sore Eyes for Infinity by Finnish  director, Elli Vuorinen, that has won the Anča Award – the main Fest Anča International Animation Festival prize and EUR 800.

This year’s jury comprised Hungarian director Éva Katinka Bognár, programme director of Anifilm festival Pavel Horáček from the Czech Republic, and British director Robert Morgan who had a profile and masterclass at Fest Anča. They said about the winning film: “Using expressive animation, it presents an absurd vision that is nevertheless rooted in reality. The main character observes a grotesque world, until she finds the courage to join it – with a helping hand.” This beautiful, honest and colourful story of drawn animation came to life thanks to crowd funding support. It focuses on an optician whose usual day is interrupted by several extraordinary clients, each of whom sees the world in an unexpected way. And that’s exactly the strength of this short film.

The jury also awarded the best student film: “We gave the student award to a playful film that races against time, bombarding us with a series of hilarious and inventive ideas about how to clean up your flat.“ The Anča Student Award and EUR 400 will go to Finnish animator Heta Jäälinoja for Penelope.

In the International Competition of Music Videos, Marcos Sánchez from Chile seized attention with The Unnatural, created for Claire Cronin – the Los Angeles-based poet and musician.  The jury comprised Kostas Pataridis (aka Navis – member of the demogroup ASD from Greece), media artist Heidi Hörsturz from Germany, and Beáta Kolbašovská, the Slovak new media artist. This Anča Music Video Award winner – which received EUR 400 – evoked “a deep melancholic atmosphere. It tells a story that takes you on a journey. Minimalistic composition using a distinctive colour palette and strong use of shadows describes the background environment while keeping the action centre-framed. There is a clear progression in the story from characters’ introduction to the dramatic ending.“

Children in the audience could select the winner of the Anča Kids’ Award and recipient of EUR 400 – they were won over by the fairy tale The Little Bird and the Caterpillar by Lena von Döhren, the Switzerland-based German director and animator.

As well as film awards, awards were also given to fledging authors and students who presented their interactive multimedia projects at the Game Days Pitching Session. Ivan and Peťo Galdík won with Zoja – the jury liked that their game project created the impression of an atmospheric journey thanks to its extraordinary visuals and deep personal experience.

The Game Jam competition (fast theme-based creation of games)continued its success from last year. First prize went to the Pixel Federation team’s Diet Struggle game.

The next opportunity to see Fest Anča 2017 winning films will be at Pohoda festival in Trenčín on Saturday 8 July at 9pm in the Martinus Literary Tent.

Anča Award
Sore Eyes for Infinity
Director: Elli Vuorinen
Finland, 2016

Anča Award – Special Mention
Dolls Don’t Cry
Director: Fréderick Tremblay
Canada, 2017

Anča Student Award
Director: Heta Jäälinoja
Estonia, 2016

Anča Student Award – Special Mention
Director: Jamie Wolfe
USA, 2016

Anča Music Video Award
The Unnatural
Director: Marcos Sánchez
Chile, 2016

Anča Music Video – Special Mention
Sex Bruise
Director: Conor Grebel
USA, 2016

Anča Kids´ Award
The Little Bird and the Caterpillar
Director: Lena Von Dohren
Switzerland, 2017

Game Days Pitching Session
Directors: Ivan and Peťo Galdík

Game Days Pitching Session – Special Mention
Duschans Schulweg
Director: Peter Račko


Prizes for the winners were awarded by Xbox and Dell.

02.07. 2017