Enjoy Fest Anča’s birthday party music programme

Between 29 June and 2 July, the tenth Fest Anča International Animation Festival will take central stage. The Friday and Saturday programme includes animated films, amazing concerts, and DJs – proving that music and animated film go hand-in-hand when celebrating our bonny birthday party!

London-based Jamka – even after many years in the UK – still consider themselves members of Urbsounds – the cult Slovak collective. The music of Monika Šubrtová and Daniel Kordík combines punk aesthetics and electronica. They play with digital and analogue instruments, and add various music genres peppered with noise and techno. Their diverse paths always intersect at one point – a unique and memorable musical experience.  

Just like Isama Zing – a Slovak project you may know even if the name doesn’t ring a bell. Isama Zing is the new audio-visual project by Jonatan Pastirčák (Pjoni) and Michaela Chmelíčková (Planeta 220). Unlike previous projects, the electronic roughness contrasts with playful melodic lines, emotive singing, and soaring lyrics. Pjoni shares ideas from deep within his previous musical projects.  The mesmeric musical performance is perfectly accompanied by Michaela Chmeličková’s visual show.

Leoš Hort (aka HRTL – the Czech producer and founder of Bükko Tapes) is a modular synthesizer performer renowned for deconstructing dance trends. His concert features atmospheric techno combined with house sequences, ambient and rapid electro – a vibrant dance party that has illuminated London, Berlin, Vienna, Bucharest, and soon Fest Anča in Žilina.

German media artist Heidi Hörsturz’s video art combines contemporary art and modern trash aesthetics, noise, and a wide array of sounds. Prepare for an attack of sexual trash-art and masturbating cybercat that reflect our contemporary, constantly time-fetished society.

Music will jam from loudspeakers, musical instruments, and the Anča Music Video Award competition section projection screens. The international competition of animated video clips will showcase the very best of the past two years. The Anča Music Video Award winner will be announced and awarded EUR 400  on the last festival day (2 July) at the New Synagogue.

This year, Fest Anča’s combining of music and film  is the first Slovak feature animated film Zbojník Jurko (created by Viktor Kubal in 1976) on the big screen. It will be accompanied by Marek Piaček, one of the top Slovak composers and performers who draws on elements of everyday life, culture and pop-music allusions. Marek re-forms (de- and recomposes) the music found everywhere around us. This co-founder of the small-town chamber orchestras Požoň Sentimentál and Vapori del Cuore also cooperates with the experimental and improvisational formations Mio-Mio,, Voice Over Noise, Skuta & Piacek, and Frutti di mare, and conducts the impro Musica falsa et ficta orchestra.

Fest Anča is so much more than an everyday film festival – it’s a multi-genre event that brings together creators of animated works, the world of fine art, game developers, and music. Its programme includes a galaxy of international films. You can meet interesting guests, and pick up know-how and skills at presentations, masterclasses and creative workshops. And the programme is packed with entertaining activities from dawn to dusk, and beyond with DJ Michal Mishek & Jenal (, Pjoni, Tomino & Myslivec and Swine Daily DJ’s.  

The Festival is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

22.06. 2017