Exibition by Marsel Onisko: Be right here. Eugene

Place: Annex of the New Synagogue building The exhibition will be held during the International Animation Festival Fest Anča, June 29 – July 2, 2017. The opening on June 14, 2017 at 6 pm. The visual project of the Ukrainian artist Marsel Onisko from Uzhorod is an imaginary story of Mr. Eugene. Pictures of Eugene’s life can be seen as a road movie, cartoon or comics. Eugene is an observer, a man no one sees. But surreal and absurd situations make us smile. No one would want to be him, but there is a piece of Eugene inside each of us.

The installation in Žilina is specially designed for the Fest Anča Festival. Maybe you will meet Eugene also in the streets of the town. The curator is a “non-curator” Robo Blaško: “This is my and Marsel’s nonintellectual DIY contribution, unsuitable to overly sophisticated discourse of high art. We go straight. It’s a romantic punk that warms our hearts. The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of La Aramisova.”

Who is Eugene? “Eugene is a man-kit, a collective image. I got goose-bumps from time to time, when I was creating. Do I ever think like him? We try to hide our inner Eugene deeper – and that’s good. But it’s not always possible, because we’ve grown up together in one yard. I want to make the viewer smile – it is not a vicious satire. I think radical methods can only provoke aggression, while the change in the man should be gradual,” said Marsel Onisko.

Marsel Onisko was the artistic chief of a defunct magazine Panic Button along with the filmmaker La Aramisova from Žilina and a member of the Žilina-Uzhhorod association Fly United. He studied philology; he is self-taught in art. Since the outbreak of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine he has been making the designs of the posters for the cultural center Stanica. He is an unspoken member of the Transcarpathian group of artists Poptrans. The exhibition was premiered in Ukraine in 2016 in the ArtSvit Gallery in Dnipro and in 2017 in Garry Bouman Gallery in Lviv.


02.06. 2017