Best Austrian Animation 2011 – 2016

Station Žilina Záriečie: S1
Duration 70:21

Best Austrian Animation showcases the best films by students, independent artists and production companies. The selected films talk about serious topics such as the experiences of refugees (#TheirCatsasWell), existential crisis (Ginny), and the survival of WW I soldiers (Uncanny Valley). Other films deal with desperation and death (Family Portrait) and spiritual dialogue with nature (Yachay). Human competitiveness is humorously shown in Mars, and ironic theatric drama is present in The Death of M. Other work is linked to music and sound (Domino) and animated movement. Objects become visual music in Tinamv 1, or are arranged digitally in space (Parasit), abstract patterns dynamically construct virtual spaces (Drift Following the Seam), and a postmodern road movie shows different image types (The Way to M). Tenko Cabaret and See the World music videos almost inspire us to the dance floor.

The Way to M

directed by Zsuzsanna Werner

year: 2011
country: AT
duration: 07:20
A postmodern road movie. A digital worker sits and works in a post-modern skyscraper. Then an every-day incident with his boss triggers a spiritual journey… in his visions he meets universal muse M.

Tinamv 1

directed by Adnan Popović

year: 2011
country: AT
duration: 04:00
The structure of the song Melody by Kilo, the Viennese electronic duo (Florian Bogner and Markus Urban), is translated into moving images. This creates a composition comprising various classical analogue animation techniques.

Tekno Cabaret

directed by Peter Hutter

year: 2012
country: AT
duration: 02:46
An animated music video to a track by Vienna Tekniker.


directed by Christian Holzer

year: 2012
country: AT
duration: 03:28
Mars is a fully computer-animated short film about the first manned landing on the red planet. This mission does not quite go according to plan, and a bitter race around the planet begins. The film was created at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Upper Austria.

Family Portrait

directed by Birgit Scholin

year: 2013
country: AT
duration: 03:21
The depicted family acts in silence and without exhibiting the slightest semblance of connectedness – a pair of siblings bathe in a tub, children play alone, a mother knits, a father reads – each seen in different corners of a single room.

The Death of M / Der Tod des M

directed by Klemens Waldhuber

year: 2012
country: AT
duration: 03:39
Based on the historical assassination of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat in 1793, two pieces of soap restage this event in a soap dish and create a new and more “theatrical” ending.

Parasite / Parasit

directed by Nikki Schuster

year: 2013
country: AT
duration: 07:32
Hybrids composed of discarded refuse, insect wings, bones, hair and plant particles germinate within the nooks and crannies of rocks, tree hollows and cactus beds. Creeping, crawling and oozing, these organic-synthetic mutants multiply and evolve, luring the viewer deeper into an inner sub-cosmos.


directed by Anna Vasof

year: 2014
country: AT
duration: 01:40
Domino combines the mechanism of a domino fall with stop-motion, and in so doing introduces a new animation technique: non-stop stop-motion. A video camera follows and continuously films dominos falling - the average rate of domino fall is 28 per second, which is very close to the typical video frame rate (25fps). Dominos are replaced by framed pictures, which show a corridor at different moments.

Uncanny Valley

directed by Paul Wenninger

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 13:00
A museum’s diorama represents two young soldiers in the trenches. Suddenly we are thrown into the model: the immobile soldiers come to life, there is terror on their faces – the camera dances around them – explosions, chaos, fog: everything flies about in the air. With every gunshot, they shudder and curl up.


directed by Anne Zwiener

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 06:45
People have the tendency to take whatever they want, regardless of consequences. Often without bad intentions. Anyhow, non-reflected actions can lead to unexpected outcomes. The short film Yachay – a Quechua word we can translate as “knowledge from the woods” – deals with the subject of being human.

Drift Following the Seam

directed by Maik Perfahl

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 03:26
This short film started as a dialogue between Maik Perfahl and Robert Schwarz. It was based on the weird auditive spaces from Robert Schwarz’s composition Drift Following the Seam, of which the visual counterpart evolves in one year of experiments with path-tracing engines.


directed by Susi Jirkuff

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 05:00
Shots of deserted housing blocks in a residential area, drawn in pencil – occasional images flash up in colour, of corridors, passageways and facades – everything goes very quickly. Nevertheless, not much happens, unless somebody makes it happen.


directed by Lisbeth Kovacic

year: 2016
country: AT
duration: 04:30
A WhatsApp chat between an Austrian activist and two Syrian refugees, who reached Germany with their cat and got stuck in a refugee camp under inhuman conditions. But those in the camp revolted, and with the help of pictures taken on their mobile phones the situation was publicized and the camp manager had to take responsibility.

See the World

directed by LZW

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 03:54
Music video for See the World taken from Ogris Debris’ debut album Constant Spring.