Contemporary Abstract and Non-narrative Animation

Station Žilina Záriečie: Container
Duration 63:00

In the early 1920s, Walter Ruttmann, Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling and Oskar Fischinger laid the foundations of abstract film by studying combinations of movement and sound. Ruttmann called his work Painting in time, and far from stopping with formal experiments it actually developed further in step with mainstream film. Abstract animation emphasizes rhythm, movement and composition – without narrating a story, it offers a unique audiovisual experience. This film selection showcases some of the most remarkable non-narrative experimental animated films from the last two years

Mind Frame

directed by Jake Fried

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 01:00
Fried works with ink, white-out and coffee to generate hallucinatory vistas, modifying and shooting the images over and over to create mind-bending animation that evolves at a frenzied pace.

Jazz Orgie

directed by Irina Rubina

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 01:15
Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drowned in their own choreographic world. Within the ecstasy of touch, they engage with Jazz Tones into a play of colours and forms, which results in a total explosion.

Tour / Toer

directed by Jasmijn Cedee

year: 2016
country: BE
duration: 02:23
A playful and somewhat abstract hand-painted animation with a tour de force of energy. A dedication to cyclodrome racing. Made in honour of the ’t Kuipke wooden indoor track in Ghent, Belgium, where a six-day annual festival of racing has been held since 1922.

Warm Pond

directed by Taylor Beldy

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 02:57
A primordial soup.


directed by Robert Seidel

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 03:24
The virtual sculptures underlying vitreous resulted from manifold setups for generating clusters of fibrous refractions, as well as the gravitational lensing of volumetric and chromatic densities. Each element reveals its visual axis and vanishing point in front of an infinite background.


directed by Oerd van Cuijlenborg

year: 2015
country: FR
duration: 04:17
An abstract experimental animation film which explores the abstractions and imagination of children’s worlds. The film is based on recordings from children aged 30 months to four years as they speak a mixture of their own language, Dutch, French, Spanish and German.

Ugly but Good

directed by Jordan Wong

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 04:18
Learning to be at peace with eventualities and things you know you can’t ever know.


directed by Petra Zlonoga

year: 2016
country: HR
duration: 04:32
An audiovisual weave in which an animated line represents the warp, while the female voice represents the filling. She who weaves and that which is woven intertwine through time.


directed by Henning M. Lederer

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 05:05
A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics based on the question: how would these great historic book covers look set in motion?

Setting West

directed by Judith Poirier

year: 2015
country: CA
duration: 05:25
This abstract Western was made using original printing materials from eminent North American letterpress studios. Printed directly onto 35mm film stock, these type & stereotypes of “Cowboys and Indians, trains and bison” produce a unique texture on screen as well as an original soundtrack.

1981-2001 ver.150215

directed by Teppei Koseki

year: 2015
country: JP
duration: 05:39
Video works based on dozens of commemorative photographs, featuring the artist himself between 1981 and 2001.

The Boyg / Bøygen

directed by Kristian Pedersen

year: 2016
country: NO
duration: 05:32
The Boyg is the voice within that whispers go around, preventing you from facing yourself, suffocating progress and initiative.

Only Lovers Leave to Die

directed by Vladimir Kanic

year: 2016
country: HR
duration: 06:38
Shortly after being injured in an accident, Emily begins perceiving the world as though made from painted film stock. On her way to hospital, a story of love, death, passion and loss unfold through the dialogues of characters surrounding her, each represented by a different film stock pattern.


directed by Michaela Müller

year: 2017
country: CH
duration: 10:35
For some a journey starts whilst for others it abruptly ends. Representing the pinnacle of mobile society, airports are critical points of entry where the limits of laws, security, tolerance are constantly tested, and where tragedy and panic are always just a step away.