Exhibition: Pirates and Young Pioneers

New Synagogue: Bar

Slovak games developed apace from the 1980s. Thanks to the breakthrough 8-bit ZX Spectrum microcomputer and the consequent production of its clones by Didaktik Skalica in our country, tens of thousands of tech-heads had a computer even before communism fell. Didaktik and ZX Spectrum memories were too limited to store programs – so they had to be rewritten manually line-by-line, or recorded on cassettes and subsequently floppy discs. These programs necessitated studying numerous commands and programming language, so an extremely IT-literate generation of users developed around computing.

The first programs and games largely emerged thanks to after-school computer hobby clubs. Copying and exchanging games wasn’t considered piracy, so software would be swopped for free or bought for a pittance from pirate sellers. Distribution company Ultrasoft’s market arrivalintroduced the concept of making games for profit, although many games continued to be produced and distributed for free. The main inspiration came from foreign games and the Czech company Fuxoft (founded by František Fuka). Due to the low technical requirements, the text adventures genre dominated the 1980s and 90.

The Pirates and Young Pioneers’ games selection gives an overview of game developments between 19871993, and highlights the work of some distinguished game makers whose software was outstanding in terms of quality and content.