International Competition of Short Films 1 (premiere)

Puppet Theatre
Duration 75:55

The Anča Award is an international competition of 30-minute fılms made in the last two years. This year 1,589 fılms from 81 countries have been registered, of which 34 were selected for the international competition category. These fılms will be judged by a three-member committee.

On the last festival day, 2nd July 2017 at 16:00 in the New Synagogue, the winner will be announced and awarded €800.


directed by Ainslie Henderson

year: 2016
country: GB
duration: 02:24
Puppet-making, made to make music.


directed by Martina Mikušová

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 07:52
A film about aggression, passion and misunderstanding in a relationship. Animation and visuals are inspired by naive art, deep dreams and the unconscious mind.


directed by Steven Woloshen

year: 2016
country: CA
duration: 03:58
A film dedicated to the director’s father who gambled with love.

Apple Slices

directed by Moe Koyano

year: 2016
country: DK
duration: 11:37
A boy is fascinated by a girl who knows how to do magic tricks. He follows her. Through a blur of dreams and reality, he becomes jealous as he realises she has feelings for someone else.


directed by Jamie Wolfe

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 03:15
Roommates is the chronicle of four city dwellers pushed to breaking point. On a day hot enough to liquidize an orange twinsicle, the inhabitants of apartment 6B bash their heads on the kitchen table and tie their necks in knots, driven psychotic by the heat.


directed by Viktor Stickel

year: 2016
country: DE
duration: 09:12
A child has to leave its hut to collect wood for a fire that went out. The search for suitable wood becomes a life’s work.

Sore Eyes for Infinity

directed by Elli Vuorinen

year: 2016
country: FI
duration: 11:32
An optician grows tired of seeing the world too clearly and her inevitable involvement in the world’s woes.

Dolls Don’t Cry / Toutes les poupées ne pleurent pas

directed by Frédérick Tremblay

year: 2017
country: CA
duration: 20:05
A man and a woman are involved in the production of an animated film. He animates by day, she makes and repairs the accessories at night. Behind the scenes, a woman is waiting for her entrance.

Ship of Fools

directed by Josh Shaffner

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 06:00
A cry for help.