Levelling Up Your Innovation

New Synagogue

Mark Backler
United Kingdom
Fourth State /

With the ever-increasing level of competition in the games industry, how can you ensure that your game stands out for its innovation and quality? In this talk, Mark will look at using playtesting to help with ideation, and what companies can learn from game jams and drawing inspiration from outside the games industry. He will also discuss the creative process and how he went about designing Lost Words, as well as looking at the four secrets behind making great games. 

Mark has been working in the games industry for 11 years at companies such as EA, Lionhead, and Sony on games such as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Fable 2. He has now founded Fourth State and Sketchbook Games, and is working on Lost Wordsa multi-award winning narrative adventure about a young girl aspiring to be a writer while dealing with the loss of her gran. It’s set between the pages of her diary and a fantasy land, and the game features a story written by Rhianna Pratchett. It ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, by having the player running on and interacting with the words in the diary to solve puzzles.