Hungarian Animation for Kids (rerun)

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Duration 64:00

A section of short Hungarian films for curious young viewers.

The Greedy Bee / A telhetetlen méhecske

directed by Gyula Macskássy

year: 1958
country: HU
duration: 17:00
A wasp takes advantage of a greedy little bee who rather than collecting nectar for the modern beehive eats it all itself. The film entered the Cannes Short Film Palme d’Or in 1959.

Peter and Robot Man / Peti és a gépember

directed by Gyula Macskássy, György Várnai

year: 1961
country: HU
duration: 10:00
Curious young Peter and little sister Katie, together with Felix – their dynamic dachshund – switch on a humanoid robot at Professor Leonardo’s house and make a mighty mess!

How to Scare a Lion? / Hogyan lehet megijeszteni az oroszlánt?

directed by Pál Tóth

year: 1980
country: HU
duration: 10:00
A lion tamer has to cure his lion’s pesky hiccups before the big evening show. Based on the children’s book by Dorothy Stevenson.

The Fox and the Raven / A róka és a holló

directed by Ferenc Cakó

year: 2003
country: HU
duration: 10:00
An exhilarating claymation adaptation of the well-known folk tale about the fox, the raven, and a piece of cheese.

Rabbit and Deer / Nyuszi és Őz

directed by Péter Vácz

year: 2013
country: HU
duration: 17:00
A rabbit and deer are living happily and care-free, until their friendship is tested by the deer’s new obsession to find the formula for the third dimension. An unexpected incident lands the deer in an unknown world. Separated by dimensions, the two friends have to find a way back to each other.