Exhibition: Marsel Onisko: Be Right Here. Eugene

New Synagogue: Bar

Marsel Onisko’s project is an imaginative story of Mr. Eugene – its images can be perceived as a road movie, cartoon or comic strip. The observer Eugene cannot be seen. Surreal, almost absurd situations make viewers smile. Even though nobody wants to be him, there is a piece of Eugene in everyone. Together with the filmmaker La Aramisova from Žilina, the author is art director of the art magazine Panic Button, and a member of the Žilina-Uzhhorod association Fly United. He is a philology graduate and self-taught artist. Since the Ukrainian conflict broke out, Marsel has been designing posters for the Stanica cultural centre. He is an unwritten member of the Zakarpattian Oblast’s Poptrans art group. The exhibition had its 2016 home premiere at the ArtSvit Gallery in Dnipropetrovsk, followed by the Garry Bowman Gallery in Lviv a year later.

Eugen is a man-module; a collective image. We try to hide and bury our inner Eugen deeper and that’s good. I would like to make the viewer smile a bit, as this is not an evil satire. I think that radical methods can only trigger aggression, and changes within people should be gradual.

 Exhibition curator: Robo Blaško