International Competition of Films for Children (rerun)

Puppet Theatre
Duration 48:19

Fest Anča will award the best international animated film for kids – from nine films made in the last two years. And since adults (as we know) don’t understand much at all, the winning film will be selected by a special children’s committee!

The winner will be announced at 16:00 and awarded EUR 400 on the last festival day (2 July) at the New Synagogue!

Bat Time

directed by Elena Walf

year: 2016
country: DE
duration: 03:59
Dusk on the farm awakens the little bat. How great it would be to bark with a dog or crow with a rooster…and to jump and dance! The bat wants somebody to keep it company. It doesn’t want to be alone – it seeks a chum.

Au revoir Balthazar

directed by Rafael Sommerhalder

year: 2016
country: CH
duration: 09:30
A scarecrow, a storm, and a broken leg. The resonant sound of a sea shell. Leaving forever.

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar / Der kleine Vogel und die Raupe

directed by Lena von Döhren

year: 2017
country: CH
duration: 04:20
Summertime. High in a maple tree a little bird cherishes and nurtures the green leaves of its home. But suddenly a hungry caterpillar sets out to graze the appetizing leaves. Birdy lures away the leaf muncher and an adventure begins...

The Tots (Trip episode) / Drobci (epizóda Výlet)

directed by Vanda Raýmanová, Michal Struss

year: 2015
country: SK
duration: 08:00
Two boys play - and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Their rivalry gets them into various sticky situations. But luckily consideration, unity and teamwork always win the day.


directed by Marlies van der Wel

year: 2016
country: NL
duration: 02:20
When Sabaku’s best friend Buffalo passes away, he needs to find a new friend. He tries connecting with different species, but soon finds out that isn’t so easy... Sabaku is in for a bumpy ride, but won’t rest until he succeeds.

Starhunters / Sternenjäger

directed by Johannes Schiehsl

year: 2016
country: AT
duration: 03:11
A young amateur astronomer wants to enjoy the beautiful night sky, but he crosses a hunter with other plans…

The Birdie / Ptichka

directed by Yekaterina Filippova

year: 2015
country: RU
duration: 02:40
Once upon a time a birdie met a hippo. They became chums and built a lovely house together.

The Sled / Belchonok i sanki

directed by Olesya Shchukina

year: 2016
country: FR
duration: 04:19
A little squirrel finds something it’s never seen before.

Two Trams / Dva tramvaya

directed by Svetlana Andrianova

year: 2016
country: RU
duration: 10:00
Klick and Tram – two city trams leave their camp every morning.