Panorama of Slovak Films (rerun)

Station Žilina Záriečie: S1
Duration 55:55

A selection of Slovakia-produced films and videos from the last three years will be screened in a separate Panorama of Slovak Films section.


directed by Agata Bolaňosová

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 03:27
A tiny clockwork girl is a travelling circus’s main attraction.

I’m Jumping! / Skáčem!

directed by Peter Martinka

year: 2015
country: SK
duration: 00:35
He who wants to live should jump. Those unwilling to accept this rule only pretend. A metaphorical story about passive and dependent people who are mentally and physically destroyed.

The Tots (Trip episode) / Drobci (epizóda Výlet)

directed by Vanda Raýmanová, Michal Struss

year: 2015
country: SK
duration: 08:00
Two boys play - and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Their rivalry gets them into various sticky situations. But luckily consideration, unity and teamwork always win the day.

Blood as Heavy Flooding Water / Krv ako hustá tečie voda

directed by Marián Vredík

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 07:28
“A person imagines that their brain creates ideas. But actually ideas do as they please, and are more independent than any human being.” Gustav Meyrink

Construction Planning / Projekt výroby stavieb

directed by Pavol Bláha

year: 2017
country: SK
duration: 02:25
Old university textbook cut-ups vs. Windows 95 startup sound.

Strawberry Days / Jahodové dni

directed by Eva Sekerešová

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 13:29
Living an ordinary life in the company of an annoying hallucination can be really difficult…

400 Pins / 400 špendlíkov

directed by Zden

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 02:14
400 Pins is music clip (for the Slovak folk band Tu v dome) made with real-time PC software and released in the context of the demoscene. The primary production goal was to create an artistic clip with a unique visual signature to explore the alternative use of wireframe vector graphics.

Stranger / Cudzinec

directed by Peter Cabarka

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 03:32
The film depicts a bird’s adventure among penguins.


directed by Marek Jasaň

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 01:03
Handful of playful colourful hands.

In the Open Field / V tom šírom poli

directed by Andrej Kolenčík

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 04:53
Official music video for Robert Pospis & Martin Sillay. Dark ballad about a cold-blooded murder, inspired by the old Slovak folk tale.

Solar Box

directed by Lukáš Sigmund

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 00:57
Exposition, collision, climax, peripeteia and resolution – the five basic pillars of Aristotelian drama – are condensed to their bare minimum: blue protagonist vs. red antagonist. Circle signal vs. triangle signal. Solar Box is a strictly structured fight for existence in five parts of five sequences of five shots of five frames.


directed by Martina Mikušová

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 07:52
A film about aggression, passion and misunderstanding in a relationship. Animation and visuals are inspired by naive art, deep dreams and the unconscious mind.