Party: Pjoni

Station Žilina Záriečie: Bar


Pjoni is an electronic and electro-acoustic music producer, DJ, and Mäss microcollective member. He studied sound engineering and music production at the SAE Institute in London from 2012, and after graduating Pjoni returned to his native soil where he plays in the Ľubo Burgr & Pjoni duo. They play the songs of former Prešov-based alternative band Ali ibn Rachid. He also plays in a new club audiovisual project Isama Zing. In cooperation with the visual artist Jano Šicko, the duo recently introduced their Plain project that made it all the way to the New York Pioneer Works. Pjoni’s DJ sets are an eclectic mix of deconstructed club music, dancehall, global bass music, rap and R&B.