Pros and Cons of Developing a Videogame Independently

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 Miro Straka
Miro Straka /

Key developments of Euclidean Lands
From idea to prototype, how to evaluate prototype potential, problems, and development fuckups, useful hacks for artists, how to filter overly ambitious ideas, lean asset and graphics development, and performance optimization.

Born 1990 in Slovakia, Miro Straka studied architecture, is married, and lives in Vienna. He developed Euclidean Lands independently, alongside studies and work – it received Apple App Store Editor’s choice, Best of Show at GDC 2017, the Pocket Gamer Gold Award, and numerous overwhelmingly positive reviews from major gaming sites and players. The game was published by Kunabi Brother, developer and publisher of internationally acclaimed game Blek, also based in Vienna. Miro worked in various international architecture and tech offices, and is currently a technical director for VR projects at