Small Educational Attempts at a System Change

New Synagogue

Lucia Šicková
Slovensko / Slovakia
Pixel Federation /

Edufactory is an educational initiative by Pixel Federation. It aims to launch and employ smaller as well as large-scale projects in order to kickstart education for digital media and game subculture social dialogue, as well as to change views about using digital and game concepts in education. We’ll talk about what we’ve done, what we’re preparing, why we do what we do, and the potential overlaps between projects such as SkillDrill, Butterfly Effect, Paf and Nimbus.

Lucia Šicková is a co-founder of Pixel Federation, Edufactory, a mother of three, education projects driver, and edugaming enthusiast with plenty of experience from HR, game & web development, and project management. Her managerial skills range from corporate through consulting and all the way to new labels branding. An eternal happy-go-lucky, or as we Slovaks like to say – a slniečkar.