Starring: Animal

Station Žilina Záriečie: Container
Duration 41:32

The subjective selection of these six short compositions could be labelled experimental animation, short films, or art videos. All pieces originated sometime in the past decade in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Their common denominator is distinctive conceptual thinking and more-or-less visible humour. Even though some works are true rarities, exceptions or unjustly forgotten “morsels”, each is an important addition to the question posed by PAF’s main section – why look at animals?

Compsognation: the Addendum

directed by András Cséfalvay

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 05:56
The Slovak creator uses means of expression typical of film fantasy and 3D graphics predominantly as a tool: augmented prehistoric creatures come to life to mediate the creator’s personal, social and philosophical reflections.

Light of the World

directed by András Cséfalvay

year: 2016
country: SK
duration: 06:08
The creator of this minimalistic short deals with the fate of a whale. Not strictly through the prism of ecology, but rather with a subtle biblical overtone.

Script (Hold the Ray) / Scénář (udržet paprsek)

directed by Petr Strouhal

year: 2009
country: CZ
duration: 04:59
A few years ago, visual artist Petr Strouhal traded moving image for experiments in photography and digital imagery. Script (Hold the Ray) is a film sketch of a script written for his Texas tomcat.

They / Oni

directed by Vilém Novák

year: 2012
country: CZ
duration: 09:36
The film uses 3D animation based on artificial evolution studies. Among other things, it can be perceived as an important comment on the question: what makes an animal?

Essential Mix 2

directed by Michal Jindra

year: 2006
country: CZ
duration: 05:59
The animated short Essential Mix 2 is a film from the world of abstracted insects. The legendary and somewhat forgotten author of the comic book Příběhy doktora Slizu (The Stories of Dr Slime, 2001) and his radical treatment of geometric animation strongly influenced the Brno art scene.

Diorama / Dioráma

directed by Martin Špirec

year: 2012
country: CZ
duration: 08:54
Diorama is the recording of an illegal act performed by Slovak painter and filmmaker Martin Špirec. He secretly intervenes with an exposition of stuffed animals, dressed as a Slovak National Museum night security guard.