World Panorama 3

Station Žilina Záriečie: S2
Duration 77:43

A selection of films and music videos that just missed out by a hair’s breadth on being selected for the competition. These will be screened in the special World Panorama section.

Waiting for the New Year / Gaidot Jauno gadu

directed by Vladimir Leschiov

year: 2016
country: LV
duration: 08:11
A lonely female street cleaner’s letter to an unknown person, written on the first day of a new year: a year spent observing the seasons and dreaming of a miracle for the following new year.

Yellow / Amarillo

directed by Ana Perez Lopez

year: 2016
country: ES
duration: 03:47
The artificial flavour of banana is based on a long-gone fruit. Until 1960, Gros Michelle was America’s most popular brand of bananas. Its obituary is bleak, gooey, and speaks about the past, present and future of food geopolitics.


directed by Veljko Popović

year: 2016
country: HR
duration: 13:25
Planemo is a solitary wanderer, a sentinel of the galaxy, an orphaned world, a celestial body flung out from its solar system by the chaos of planetary migration. In a society where everyone mindlessly orbits around their daily routines, what happens when someone gets ejected from the system?

The Bureaucracy Monster

directed by Thomas Simonsen Balmbra

year: 2016
country: NO
duration: 05:00
An intense and humorous montage about the horrors of ever-expanding bureaucracy.


directed by Aimee Chang

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 02:03
In our lives, we may hear things we don’t want to hear, or hear something pleasant one day and wonder if the sentiments are fake — maybe it’s a trap? Our innocence might be taken, boxed, and never opened again. Or are we the hypocrites that set traps and pretend to be nice?

Ascribed Achievements / اکتسابات انتسابی

directed by Samaneh Shojaei

year: 2016
country: IR
duration: 04:18
A man dissatisfied with his appearance decides to end his life. But his failed suicide creates a new life situation.

Less Than Human

directed by Steffen Bang Lindholm

year: 2016
country: DK
duration: 06:09
In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, they have been cured and exiled to isolated camps. A sceptical journalist sets out to prove they’re unfit for rehabilitation.


directed by Yan Dan Wong

year: 2016
country: GB
duration: 02:48
Medicine, shower, eat, sleep, repeat. A daughter races to tend to her elderly mother’s daily needs. Until one day she cannot take it anymore and refuses to attend to her mother, and the racetrack breaks…

The Wrong End of the Stick

directed by Terri Matthews

year: 2016
country: GB
duration: 09:40
Malcolm Fetcher is a neurotic, middle-aged teacher lost in a dull marriage with his wife of twenty years, Beverly. As he faces an all-consuming identity crisis, their marriage disintegrates and he is forced to express a deep, hidden desire…

Spank Shot

directed by Gina Kamentsky

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 01:10
“While waiting for a spanking, I watched hockey.”

It’s a Date

directed by Zachary Zezima

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 07:12
Everyone is an alien at first.

Alphonse Gets Lost / Alphonse s’égare

directed by Jean-Luc Gréco, Catherine Buffat

year: 2016
country: FR
duration: 14:00
In a school corridor, Alphonse catches up with a girl who suddenly faints in front of him. He tries to stupidly kiss her, but Marco shows up and makes a fool out of him. Six months later, it’s summer. Alphonse is excited by the idea of spending August alone, without his roommate.