World Panorama for Kids 2 (premiere)

Station Žilina Záriečie: S2
Duration 51:24

A selection of films for children that missed out on being selected for the competition by just a hair’s breadth. These will be screened in the World Panorama for Children section.

Crocodile / Krokodil

directed by Juila Ocker

year: 2016
country: DE
duration: 03:48
Crocodile has everything for a comfy couch potato evening: cushions, stool, pretzels, and a TV guide. But then the pretzels ruin all the fun...


directed by Alexis Agliata, Théo Bonora, Arnaud Bellour, Thibaud Gambier, Juliana Berckmans, Romain Lavoine

year: 2016
country: FR
duration: 06:30
A UFO breaks down and crashes to Earth. The alien pilot – who hates dirt – searches this unknown land for fuel, continually distracted by an hyperactive little boy…


directed by Denis Voronin

year: 2016
country: RU
duration: 01:00
A funny story about three dogs playing ball. Aport!

Dark, Dark Woods

directed by Emile Gignoux

year: 2016
country: DK
duration: 06:15
Pushed beyond breaking point by a never-ending routine of duties and learning, Princess Maria is swept into dark woods full of monsters.

The Moustache / Viikset

directed by Anni Oja

year: 2015
country: FI
duration: 03:37
A town’s menfolk all sport moustaches. A ferocious fight breaks out between two men who want to finally establish who has the most handsome and formidable moustache.


directed by Dvir Bravda

year: 2015
country: IL
duration: 02:30
Clayman is a creature of pure curiosity, made of the same material as the fantastic environment that surrounds him. Moving and transforming freely with the flexibility of clay, he is always ready to change shape and mess around with any object, character or surprising situation that comes his way.

The End of the Line / O fim da fila

directed by William Côgo

year: 2016
country: BR
duration: 02:47
A story about Brazilian animals standing in line – what awaits them at the end? The graphic style evokes Brazilian indigenous art.

Very Lonely Rooster / Ohen’ odinokiy petux

directed by Leonid Shmelkov

year: 2015
country: RU
duration: 06:00
It was a hard day for the very lonely rooster. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Live from the Moss / Živě z mechu

directed by Filip Pošivač

year: 2016
country: CZ
duration: 18:57
Two elves meet a little nymph and support her to become a forest radio hostess. The nymph tells stories about elves as they meet new friends, summon ghosts, and bake Christmas sweets.