Road to New London in Frostpunk

New Synagogue: Hall

Łukasz Juszczyk


11 bit studios


When there are no preconceptions of how to achieve a desired goal, you might think that you can do whatever it takes. That seems an attractive assumption. And it is… but only to a certain extent. Let’s talk about how to create tools that will help you stay on the straight and narrow of the artistic course, and find your bearings in the snowstorm during expeditions into the unknown.

Łukasz Juszczyk is the senior lead artist at 11 bit studios, where he maintains the artistic direction of Frostpunk, the studio’s newest title, and coordinates the art teams. Initially, he was responsible for the interior design and lighting. Łukasz Juszczyk began his journey with street art graphics, from which he has a fondness for interesting forms, typography and cartoon characters.