Propaganda: Propaganda Deconstructed

Stanica: S1

Lambeth Walk: Nazi Style / Lambeth Walk: Nazi Style

director Charles A. Ridley

country: United Kingdom
duration: 2min.
The cleverest anti-Nazi propaganda yet! You will howl with glee when you see and hear what our London newsreel friends have cooked up for Hitler and his goose-stepping armies.

Mr. Prokouk, Filmmaker / Pan Prokouk filmuje

director Karel Zeman

year: 1948
country: Czech Republic
duration: 9min.
A puppet recruitment agitation film with Mr Prokouk appealing for skilled workers in the construction industry. When Mr Prokouk is filming, even the strongest are willing to work in the quarry.

The Joy of Light / A fény öröme

director György Kovásznai

year: 1965
country: Hungary
duration: 13min.
While the screenplay is a symbolic story constructing a universal picture of the depths of mines, the film also applies documentary-like methods by using authentic location sound recordings.

October 25, The First Day / 25е первый день

director Yuriy Norshteyn, Arkadiy Tyurin

year: 1968
country: Russia
duration: 9min.
A short film by Yuriy Norshteyn for the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution, it recounts that day using revolutionary period art.

Polish Non-Camera Newsreel No. 6 1983 Edition B / Polska Kronika Non-Camerowa nr 6 1983 Wydanie B

director Julian Józef Antonisz

year: 1983
country: Poland
duration: 10min.
The author considers possible causes behind the “pumping out” of the nation, informs us about the state of national gastronomy while giving a recipe for “kryzysiano” pizza, and advertises a new car.

Red Gate Rashomon / Красные Ворота Расемон

director Aleksandr Tatarsky

year: 2002
country: Russia
duration: 11min.
Enough – no vodka for at least a week before the film festival! A strange and absurd re-telling of Russian history applied with beautiful thick painterly animation. If only all revisionists could be this funny.

Imperium Vacui / Imperium Vacui

director Massimo Ottoni, Linda Kelvink

year: 2013
country: Italy
duration: 6min.
In a dystopian future, a man fights against a regime where any traces of humanity have been lost, but his act of rebellion seems framed in the System. Even he who opposes the regime, can do no other than play his role in the empty power game.

Vostok Zero / Vostok Zero

director Perttu Inkilä, Velda Parkkinen, Liis Mehine, Turkka Inkilä

year: 2014
country: Finland
duration: 5min.
Achille and Giovanni record the voice of an unknown female cosmonaut re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere in a Soviet Vostok program spacecraft. An event which according to Soviet officials never happened. If it did, she was the first woman in space.

The Reflection of Power / The Reflection of Power

director Mihai Grecu

year: 2015
country: France
duration: 9min.
This film is a rare glimpse into one of the most reclusive places in the world, Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Slowly, an unknown anomaly devours this strange city. But the city’s atmosphere of eternal celebration never changes.

Gloria Victoria / Gloria Victoria

director Theodore Ushev

year: 2013
country: Canada
duration: 7min.
A procession of shadowy figures files past a glowing red background that expands into a theatre of war. In the third part of his trilogy on the relationship between art and power, Gloria Victoria focuses on the destruction of the 20th century.