Je suis animation

Stanica: S1

Best of Luck with the Wall / Best of Luck with the Wall

director Josh Begley

year: 2016
country: United States
duration: 7min.
A voyage across the U.S.-Mexico border stitched together from 200,000 satellite images.

5 Years after the War / 5 ans après la guerre

director Samuel Albaric, Martin Wiklund, Ulysse Lefort

year: 2017
country: France
duration: 17min.
How does one grow up between an absent Iraqi father and a pervasive Jewish mother? Tossed around by the great upheavals of modern times, Tim tries as hard as possible to find his place in the world.

Simbiosis Carnal / Simbiosis Carnal

director Rocío Álvarez

year: 2017
country: Belgium
duration: 10min.
A poetic journey through the history of desire and sexuality where female pleasure, long ignored and repressed, takes pride of place.

Broken / Kaputt

director Volker Schlecht, Alexander Lahl

year: 2016
country: Germany
duration: 7min.
Gabriele Stoetzer and Birgit Willschuetz were political inmates at Hoheneck Castle, the most notorious women’s prison in East Germany. Their story is one of overcrowded cells, despotic hierarchies, and the lingering effects of incarceration.

Queer Animals / Queere Tiere

director Ana Angel

year: 2017
country: Germany
duration: 4min.
Gay giraffes, promiscuous bonobos and lesbian albatrosses: the rapper Sookee shows that being queer is anything but unnatural.

My Second Eye / Ayny

director Ahmad Saleh

year: 2016
country: Jordan
duration: 11min.
A cruel war has taken the home of two brothers. Their mother protects them in her arms and fosters the seed of their new life. Yet the boys pursue their dream to play the musical instrument they’ve fallen in love with – the beautiful Oud.

“Get Consent” Animation Campaign / “Get Consent” Animation Campaign

director Daniel Sterlin-Altman, Lori Malépart-Traversy

year: 2016
country: Canada
duration: 1min.
A commissioned work for the Concordia University Sexual Assault Resource Centre, designed as the basis of a sexual assault awareness campaign on the university campus.

The Little One / Malá

director Diana Cam Van Nguyen

year: 2017
country: Czech Republic
duration: 10min.
The Little One tells the story of Rong, a small girl who lives in the Czech Republic as a foreigner. While growing up, Rong experiences various unpleasant situations connected to her Vietnamese origin – looking different from the other children.

How Steel was Tempered / Kako se kalio celik

director Igor Grubić

year: 2018
country: Croatia
duration: 11min.
A father takes his son to the abandoned factory where he once worked. The building is a crumbling symbol of the new system. Nonetheless, the space will briefly be brought to life by scenes of workers solidarity, inspiring a small gesture of defiance.