International Competition of Short Films 3

Puppet Theatre

The Anča Award is an international competition of 30-minute fılms made in the last two years. This year 1,626 fılms have been registered, of which 39 were selected for the international competition category.

The winner will be announced at 16:00 and awarded EUR 800 on the last festival day (1 July) at the New Synagogue.

Eluvium - Regenerative Being / Eluvium - Regenerative Being

director Stas Santimov

year: 2017
country: Ukraine
duration: 7min.
A lonely man finds himself in a strange place where everything is planned in advance for his arrival.

Sleepy / A Sonolenta

director Marta Monteiro

year: 2017
country: Portugal
duration: 10min.
In a village house, young housemaid Maria wants to sleep. She is tired, very tired, but is continually disturbed by the crying of the child she’s caring for, as well as her master’s demands.

Negative Space / Negative Space

director Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

year: 2017
country: France
duration: 5min.
My dad taught me how to pack.

Aerobes / Aérobie

director Bastien Dupriez

year: 2017
country: France
duration: 4min.
On a velodrome track, a cyclist is getting into his race.

Barbeque / Barbeque

director Jenny Jokela

year: 2017
country: United Kingdom
duration: 6min.
Barbeque is the visceral journey about coping with post-traumatic stress disorder, exploring and visualising feelings of shame and disembodiment.

Lost at C / Lost at C

director Masakazu Hirano

year: 2017
country: Japan
duration: 10min.
The students of Warren G. Harding school encounter a terrifying enemy named Algebra. This film is based on the novel by master of humour Jean Shepard.

Mermaids and Rhinos / Sellők és Rinocéroszok

director Viktória Traub

year: 2017
country: Hungary
duration: 15min.
Eight-year-old Matilda’s memories of her family as surrealistic visions come into view: her life is full of grotesque, bizarre characters hungry for love. An atmosphere of wistfulness, desire, passion and sorrow frame the story.

Animateur / Animateur

director Alexander Gratzer

year: 2017
country: Austria
duration: 4min.
Animateur gives us a closer look at a small paradisiacal pool world in the middle of an endless desert, and raises the question: “What does an Animateur do if nobody wants to be animated?”

Reruns / Reruns

director Rosto

year: 2018
country: Netherlands
duration: 14min.
Everything’s different but nothing has changed. A trip through a sunken maze of memories and dreams.