Propaganda: End of History and Beyond

Stanica: S1

The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall / The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

director Kyriaki Kyriakou, Remus Buznea

year: 2017
country: United Kingdom
duration: 6min.
On August 13, 1961, the construction of barriers in Berlin began to separate the city. The beginning of one of history’s most infamous dividing lines: the Berlin Wall. Construction took a decade as the wall divided not only Germany, but the world itself.

Tribute to Solidarity / Tribute to Solidarity

director Maciej Kawalski

year: 2013
country: Poland
duration: 5min.
A short animated film under the art direction of Zbigniew Rybczyński and directed by Maciej Kawalski.

Why Did They Come By Train? / Zašto su došli vlakom?

director Joško Marušić

year: 2015
country: Croatia
duration: 13min.
One Sunday afternoon, a train arrives at the train station on the main square of a small town. Hundreds of strange, mysterious beings disembark the train. What follows is a magnificent, though brief, encounter that the townsfolk will remember forever.

We’re Europe / We’re Europe

director Yotam Rozin

year: 2013
country: Israel
duration: 2min.
At a key moment in the history of European Construction, the European Commission – in partnership with the United Nations – is launching a video competition on the theme of the European project and its citizens’ support for this project.

We’re Better Off Out / We’re Better Off Out

director neznámy / unknown

year: 2016
country: United Kingdom
duration: 2min.
A light-hearted video from UKIP on why we should all Vote to Leave this Thursday, June 23. Don’t be chicken, we’re better off out!

An Animated History of Poland / Animowana historia Polski

director Tomasz Bagiński

year: 2010
country: Poland
duration: 9min.
An eight-minute video depicting the history of Poland through animation, prepared by Tomasz Baginski for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Homeland - Hungarian History 3D Trailer / Szózat - magyar történelem 3D előzetes

director Adam Magyar, Daniel Magyar

year: 2015
country: Hungary
duration: 4min.
Hungarian History 3D is a CG animated short film. The stereo-3D animation features the ups and downs of Hungarians’ past.

I'm a Russian Occupant / Я Русский Оккупант

director Okeyamnet

year: 2015
country: Russia
duration: 3min.
The video is packed full of twirling, burning, zooming images, the movie is an uncompromising defence of Russian imperialism, and boasts impressive production values.

Squirrel and Hedgehog / 다람이와 고슴도치》/ Dalam-iwa Goseumdochi

director Mondo TV

year: 2013
country: North Korea
duration: 24min.
Squirrel and Hedgehog is a North Korean animation set on Corneria approximately 400 years before the Lylat Wars, in a conflict between Flower Hill Top, the Weasel Empire and their ally, the United Wolf Republic.