Projection With Live Music: Brigand Jurko + Marek Piaček

Stanica: Outdoor

Viktor Kubal


1976, 76’00”

Zbojník Jurko is considered the first feature-length animated film to be created in Slovakia. It was made in 1976 by Viktor Kubal, Slovak scriptwriter, director and animator. The film was inspired by the legend of Slovakia’s most famous outlaw, Juraj Jánošík. But Kubal’s adaptation of the story of he who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor differs from other versions mainly due to the peculiar humour and distinctive caricature hand drawing. In the film Kubal materialised his belief that the legend of Jánošík would live forever, which he underlined by the film’s ending contradicting the outlaw’s professed faith.

The film was digitally restored by the Slovak Film Institute.

Marek Piaček is a Slovak composer, flutist and performer. He gives presentations about sound art, organizes contemporary music events, and collaborates with artists from various creative fields (theatre, visual arts, film). Piaček’s music exploits elements of every-day life and culture, allusions to pop music, and re-creates (re-composes) music all around us.